Four Horsemen (26th at worlds)

DeeR 621

Hi all! This is my Hoshiko Shiro deck I took around the worlds! It's a modification of NWE's Hoshipko, with a few tech cards for matchups I was anticipating (Pinhole for R+ and PD, Stoneship for PE and Kill Ob, Simulchip for Sports, Paricia for CtM/Ob). I like multiple wincons, if only because it keeps my ADD more in check during a 12 hour Swiss. The deck was fun and performed fine for the tournament. More importantly, somehow in the 2 days of worlds, it hit literally every single one of the eventual top 4 at worlds. @Skry in Round 3 of CoS (playing PD, won on twinning), @SamRS in Round 4 for Swiss (lost primarily to not getting paperclip out fast enough and not being able to milk my fermenters for more), @Bridgeman in Round 5 of Swiss (won with Stargate and lucky steel skin hits on the archives run), @Sokka234 in Round 6 of Swiss (lost to not being able to keep an economic threat and a clot threat...knowing Loki was there also made it hard). That strength of schedule at 4.0 felt like a pretty good consolation prize.

Thanks NSG for organizing this delightful tournament, all the lovely people who helped me practice this deck in the weeks prior, especially the Philly + NJ metas ( @coldlava @kalypso @functor @pouchsurfer @osclate). Netrunner seems stronger than ever right now; excited to play more with all of you!


14 Oct 2022 Jinsei

Awesome showing, awesome meeting you in the draft. Hopefully soon again!