Moony Ob v1.1 (1st and undefeated @ July AMT)

jan tuno 2750

More asset Ob you can be evil with. This has a couple differences from the list that I played at Singapore CO two weeks ago (huge thanks to @CableCarnage for working on this with me and helping a lot with practice).

This is still a deck that is very well positioned in the current meta, and also absolutely destroys people who haven't practiced for it, even good players. It surprisingly destroys Apoc, it can beat Mawmakua, it can beat many Reg Hoshikos even with a dicey draw.

I keep learning more things about how to play it!

  • Tempo HHN is just really valuable. It gets your Bladderworts back online and it sets the opponent up for a second, more real, HHN. Don't be afraid to trace opponents that are sitting on 16 credits if you can use Svyatogor Excavator and NASX to afford it. Even if it costs you a lot of money it ends up being worth it, and the time that your opponent spends away from managing the board allows you to recoup it anyway.
  • As you get better at the deck you keep scoring more and more. SDS Drone Deployment has a lot of situations where it's actually unstealable in this Anarch world, just be careful about when you rez ice to allow runners to install programs.
  • You don't care about flood that much. During this tournament I got flooded way more than should be reasonable in multiple games, but it's rarely correct for the Runner to waste a click on HQ if they don't have a good read on that, because the board is just so tempo hungry for them.


  • (Round 1 was a bye)
  • Game 2 against Esa
  • Game 3 agaist Mawmakua
  • Game 4 against Bridgeman's Medium Hoshiko
17 Jul 2023 Sauc3

What makes you say it destroys apoc? I guess just opens window for HHN? Oh and congrats!

18 Jul 2023 jan tuno

I tested this against Apoc a bunch. I guess the main reasons are:

  • Your asset threats force the Runner to interact with the board almost immediately instead of building up
  • Your entire ice suite is really good against it, stacking Formicaries and BC on a single server is hugely taxing
  • You have HHN and usually a kill if things go wrong, but usually even just as punishment for a botched Apoc turn