Rush Tree (1st @ Compleat Strategist SC)

analyzechris 642

Rush Tree

I wrote a huge writeup for this deck which was lost when I tried to save and NRDB asked me to sign in again. RIP. Here's the stupidly abridged version:

This deck is a collaboration between a lot of NYC all-stars including @skry, @kysra, @shiiuga, @redino987, and @groenkaaf over the last month. My big differences are 2x Tsurugi (which ended up being incredibly valuable in the final) and 2x Shipment from Tennin, which really helped my worlds Palana and did work here. Being able to frighten the runner enough that you can naked install a 4/2 and score it the net turn is ideal.

The basic idea is you rush out tempo-forward agendas (CST and SSL) so you spend as little time as possible using clicks for econ. You also try to avoid using clicks to install ICE since your ID does it for you.

Tournament Report

Round 1 - Leela (@BankNote)
Scarcity is broken!

Round 2 - Hayley (@skry)
Top tier Hayley player. Bluffed out a CST with SfT. EULA ate up his funds on remote. Anansi nicked an Aesop, so it took a few turns to find another.

Round 3 - Val (@Internet)
I was wisened to Doof Strike Val since we played this matchup in Philly (which I lost). I learned my lesson and hard-installed a lot of ICE.

Round 4 - 419 (@Redino987)

Round 5 - Hayley (@kysra)

Cut 2 - 419 (@Redino987)
Incredibly tough MU since you have to pay a credit both on your turn and when you Mti install ICE. Hella flooded. Dumped two 4/2s in archives. Miraculous Anansi killed his Nanotek from hand. Several purges and a lot of sweat later, I eeked out an SSL behind a Tsurugi. That money gave me the tempo to rebuild taxing servers everywhere to lock out turtle.

Cut 3 - Hayley (@kysra) Similar to the @skry matchup since they played the same decks -1 card. However here I had to make R&D the taxing server with double-Tsurugi because after the first two agendas I had trouble drawing more. I was hesitant to power draw because HQ was so lightly defended, so many turns were just install credit credit or econ credit credit. Eventually I had to use a Border Control on a huge RD run with three RDI because I simply didn't know where agendas were. Luckily that run cost 10 credits and a D4v1d, so I was winning the econ war. Eventually the stack depleted, and after Aesoping ProCo, there were few good Aesop targets.

Corporate Fails Team Pictured: @analyzechris, @shiiuga, @redino987