[Eternal] Cheeky Mindscaping kills (1st@NSG Eternal tourney)

AugustusCaesar 92

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Unlike my runner list, for which i had a lot to say on the actual construction of the deck, this was mostly a last minute pick by me that seemed incredibly powerful in the few test games i got in with it. The deck is almost unchanged from the original GilesDavis list (from the ysengrin organized eternal deck spreadsheet)

The idea of the deck is very simple, do typical eternal asset nonsense. You can use the Mti ability for incredibly tricky protection of your assets. Powerhouse of the deck is Excalibur, if you ever put out more than 1 asset and they guess wrong about which is important one, you can force them into an Excalibur and guarantee that your other assets are safe.

The finisher of the deck is poldeal, which lets you fast advance topdecked agendas, it works incredibly well with spin, dbs and estelle.

I picked the deck because it feels like the asset deck that folds least badly to a Whizzard, since you have the ability to lock out the runner behind your nasty ice and use excalibur to guarantee some good starts. though the deck is far from favored. It is also great at dealing with

There is one big meme in the deck that I really wanted to make work is Mindscaping. I anticipated a lot of tagme Maxx, and they often feel all safe and secure behind a Paparazzi, but with hot new net damage punish card Mindscaping, if you get 2 of them, there absolutely nothing* that Maxx can do to stop you from flatlining them.

(* technically I've Had Worse stops it some of the time, but let a guy dream)


Game 1: win vs davz131's DLR MaxX: Its not Whizzard, so we are very happy about the match-up, while the runner set up their funny dlr combo, we just scored all our agendas and got massive click compression with Team Sponsorship and Jeeves, then used the Excalibur to lock out the win in the last turn. I sadly felt like I had to use them for draw since the runner took a while to get tagged.

Game 2: loss vs cobrabubbles's Whizzard: This is the bad matchup, and I bled 4 points on turn 2. While this deck is relatively resilient to [Rumor Mill](Rumor Mill), it does fold really hard to Employee Strike, which cobra was on. I was really close to scoring a 2/3 to clear the current, but then got Apoc'ed. Even through all of that I managed to sneak through enough agendas to threat then win, but didn't have enough central protection and innevitably to a medium.

Game 3: win vs Larrea's Andy: Dodge Whizzard again, this is what true skill looks like. Got the absolute nuts start with both Jeeves and Wage Workers for infinite clicks. I had so many turns that were tripple advance, get 2 free clicks, then spam 2 more things, repeat next turn after protecting the assets with free Mti install.

26 Aug 2023 AugustusCaesar

Update: if you want to win rather than do mindscaping memes, turning those 3 cards into Front Companies is probably much better, i am kicking myself that I didnt think to do that before the tourney