Jet Cheetah

DoomRat 2377

Just a note to begin, this is going to be shorter than my usual deck list write ups. I started working on this last week after wondering if we could plausibly do better than 1/1 breaking on sentries for a turbine deck. Usually after the initial build I do several weeks of tuning before publishing, but it seems like this one is rapidly proliferating on Jnet (not sure if other people are taking the idea and running with it or if people hit on the idea independently), so I figured I'd go ahead and publish it.


Relatively straight forward idea. Take the standard Buzzsaw Cleaver K2CP Turbine rig and augment it with Afterimage, which lets us break all ice at a 2/1 ratio. This means we have to be in Smoke so we don't get wrecked by 5-6 sentries with one turbine on the board. Once its set up, your opponents ice is more or less blank, so you can just roll over them.


The only playable console left in shaper is Aniccam, so I built the econ engine around it. Shaper has a strong event selection to start, which we've augmented with Deuces Wild. Additionally, when your deck starts to run dry, you have the option of DJ Steve to keep you rolling into the late game.

Win Condition

I'm playing Deep Dive as the win condition currently. You can get an extra click for Beth some times or DJ Sable in a pinch, but a lot of times by the time you get around to it you only need one more score. I previously tried The Twinning (too slow, required we play PPVP) and Conduit (solid, but there's a lot of games where you would really like to be able to install second turbine or misdirection, and it conflicts that).

Other Card Choices

Previous itterations had Rigging Up (I really like this card but it was dead too often), Dr. Nuka (felt really good and you could charge it with Into the Depths, but was a casualty of getting down to 40) and PPVP (which is solidly OK but doesn't fit). I've also seen other people playing the list with Peace in Our Time and Spark of Inspiration, which I think are probably worth a look. I like the idea of Spark especially, but you have to cut MisD which might be rough.

Closing Thoughts

As usual, appreciate NetDad's help tuning the list. Also, I was legitimately curious if google image would be able to produce what I wanted for this list, and it didn't disappoint: