Questmari/Tightrope (Euregio Winner 2019)

dome_ 599

This is the deck I brought to Euregio. It went 4-2 over the day only losing against MaxX twice. Credits for the deck must go to @tugtetgut . It is a really fun deck with lots of options. I think Tollbooth is better then Hydra and and I think this deck could have a closed Accounts. Daily Quest and The All-Seeing I are amazing!

for more detailed description please read PaulyG's published list:

29 Apr 2019 paulyg

I agree that Tollbooth is better, but Hydra is funnier :-D Congrats on the great result!

29 Apr 2019 dome_

congrats to you as well!

2 May 2019 percomis

``@dome_,@paulyg`I'm sad that none of you named their deck Asgari :( :D

2 May 2019 percomis

Oh mean, I screwed up the mentions @dome_, @paulyg.

3 May 2019 dome_

no worries. :D But Asgari is such a nice idea for the name of this deck!

3 May 2019 paulyg

@percomis I love this idea!