Leela feat Azmari TOP CUT overall 3-3 Antwerp store

Cucin 190

Leela feat Azmari TOP CUT overall 3-3 Antwerp store

This was my first tournament I have finished at Top Cut with my performance and this deck helped it. First of all I want to thanks my dear friend jl who doesn´t play competitive but plays very well. He gave me origin of this deck which of course I played, tested and changed little bit with help of my other good colleague Longi. But of course it´not nothing inovative, just good standard crim cards.So this is final version I took to tournament Antverp online store tournament 16th May of 2020 with 33 players.

I know Leela is not so strong in nowadays due to playing of 3 pointers agendas but I took rather deck I know well. Despite of fact I played all 6 games only against Azmari (which was little bit frustrating especially when you know that Azmari play only 6 agendas through them you can use your ID) I finished with 3 win and 3 loss which I think is not bad at all. It seemed that Azmari is now number one Corp. My 3 win I think was against such Azmari decks which doesn´t play so agrresively HHN, Economic Warfare, Boom. And I lost games in which Azmari play aggresively above mentioned cards. In one game even if I succesfully played 2 times Diversion of Funds in one turn, still I was crashed with money because Corp played immediatelly 2 economic warfare and HHN. So if I can recomend you then play Azmari with HHN, Economic Warfare, BOOM and Bellona with Scarsity for tempo hit. Still my Leela has good eco draw card, from one player I heard richiest Leela ever which can help for sure in so tough game like against Azmari. Corporate Grant helps you to fight against Scarcity of Resources.

I used Aumakua version with 2 inside job, 2 boomerang, 2 Falsified Credetntial and 3 Deuce Wild to create some new virus counters (which was very handy as I noticed) in case that corp purges virus counters. I think all cards have their place in this deck, maybe I would cut Beth Kilrain-Chang next time and played other burst economic card (Stimhack or Liberated Account maybe). The best tactics with this deck against top tier Azmari, I think, is to established as quick as you can your economic, don´t go even trash corp´s Daily Quest, pray to the God to Corp does´n score agendas fast, and be at least on 16 credits after you finis turn in which you did some succesful run. Then you have maybe chance against Azmari. Yeah it´s 47 cards deck but you can take cards realatively quickly with 2 Earthise Hotel and 2 The Class Act (with help of Paragon). So i think this deck is very solid. Be avare of criminal Leela:-)

This tournament was blast. Thanks a lot to all players which were attendace on this tournament, thanks to Cluster Fox and Belgium community for information and organisation this event and Vesper for such long commenting and streaming – I really appreciated that. It was pleasure and fun to play. Thank you all.