Naptime Reina (1st at Italian Startup GNK)

jan tuno 825

Yet another take on Naptime Reina. Compared to the previous version, this cuts one Tranquilizer for two Career Fairs and a Tread Lightly, and is generally a little bit richer. It also removes an Odore (good against Saisentan and not much else) for a Mayfly, which helps fight Magnet locks and is very appealing with all the money the deck has now.

Slots still feel very fluid and it's fun to play around with them! A Stargate would be fun to try out, given how much this tournament relied on rnd pressure.

I brought this to an Italian Startup tournament and it went 4-0. Most of the games felt really close and fun :)

Game 1 was against a very fast Haas-Bioroid: Precision Design that started a little bit slowly. I had to force a bunch of rezzes to slow it down more and pressure R&D a lot. Somehow we got to a point where we were 6-6, there were only 4 cards in R&D and the only agendas remaining were two Project Vacheron. I was able to get through the remote with Mayfly and trash the Vacheron with Carnivore, securing the win.

Game 2 was against Weyland Consortium: Built to Last glacier. Lots of Cayambe Grid, Anoetic Void, etc. I applied pressure here and there, and after being locked out by a glacial remote I was able to dig deep into R&D with Carnivore to get the last Hostile Takeover just before losing. This involved installing 2 Botuli on an Hortum.

Game 3 was against another Weyland Consortium: Built to Last with 3 SDS Drone Deployment. It went similarly, except that at the last turn I remembered I could get through a 10-strength Colossus protecting the remote and then Simulchip my Mayfly for the win. Super clutch.

Game 4 was against an NEH deck that, despite surprising me with Snare!s, drew poorly and was unable to rez ICE as I snatched their agendas. I didn't have much money and couldn't contest their board but they still had no way to protect their stuff.

Replays: Game 1 Game 2 Game 4

28 Apr 2021 manveruppd

DJ Steve would be awesome in here if you could cut a CF!

29 Apr 2021 GameOfDroids

DJ Fenris is not in the Startup Cardpool, unfortunately.

1 May 2021 jan tuno

he would :) the best replacement you have is native Steve Cambridge: Master Grifter with Carnivore, which is probably very viable in Startup!

4 Jun 2021 Angelnet5000

Why play DreamNet when nothing gives you extra link to use its ability?

23 Nov 2021 Illmode

Would Hoshiko be a replacement to match Dreamnet?