[Startup] Sleepy Reina (Ysengrin's February Tournament)

pouchsurfer 212

My very first published decklist, and it's underwhelming (what did you expect!?)

This deck is a modified version of @guiot's excellent decklist. I played it during the February Startup tournament organized by Ysengrin (thanks for organizing!) and despite doing just alright I really enjoyed how the deck plays.

The list relies heavily on (and pays a lot of influence for) Tranquilizer to tax the corp multiple times for playing expensive ice we cannot deal with very well. For everything else, we rely on Botulus to get into servers while we draw for the breakers we need (mainly through Gachapon).

I really wanted to fit in En Passant, which I love thematically and puts more pressure on the corp to spend money when we run to avoid ICE destruction. The icebreaker suite is debatable. Since the deck runs a lot of virtual resources, Odore seemed like a good fit, plus with Ice Carver out we break Ansel 1.0 and Colossus for 3, which is a bargain. Buzzsaw deals well with our nemesis, which we break for 1. Corroder is just a decent card.

Besides Tranquillizer, we're running Simulchip to recur/reposition our lovely viruses, and Career Fair to afford our expensive resources as early as we can. Expecting the meta to be PD-dominated, I swapped in Lucky Charm, cutting Docklands Pass for influence, and pivoting to Stargate for our win-con. Because of this, ideally we want to pressure HQ and remotes early, and start hammering R&D only when we find Stargate. We also should run unrezzed ICE every turn to force the corp to pay Reina and Xanadu taxes, and hopefully get DreamNet value.

We should look for a starting hand with money (what a surprise, but fr it's hard to recover from very low credits), at least one of our key resources (paladin, DreamNet, Cookbook), and ways to get through ICE early and keep the pressure up (either Botulus or Gachapon).

Since we're likely milling through our deck for our breakers and Stargate, finding space for more card draw might help, and also feed our Carnivore. But I couldn't find a good way to do so (Moshing kinda clashes with carni).

Enjoy your naps!