"....Everything Looks Like A Nail." Mk 1.0

zengoshugoju 24

Placed 6th in local GNK, but had a lot of fun doing it. Let down by my Corp, which was winless on the day. Eddie did a lot of work, love me some smashysmashy.

Rnd 1: vs Weyland BaBW, RnD access with trashes saw a lot of 2nd and 3rd card to lock in the win. Rnd 2: vs a fast Harmony deck, both decks stalled out and settle for a Draw. Rnd 3: vs Palana, a desperate turn of Fear The Masses put just enough points in the bin to pull the game out before Toybox shuts down the Centrals. Rnd 4: Bye, settle in to 6th place after losing the tiebreaker to SoS.