Annoying AF - They're All Going To Hate You - Top 12

aandries 1507

I now call to order the meeting of the Player Haters.

8 Nov 2016 Murse

I recall facing an early version of this deck. Glad to see the toil box still working out for you.

8 Nov 2016 CodeMarvelous

I like it alot.

8 Nov 2016 phette23

Wow, Sherman over Corroder/Inti etc. Seems like you have enough MU with Dyson & 2 cloud breakers already…was that the logic, to keep the Folding drip alive? Or was it a meta call based on barriers you thought you'd see? Cool deck!

8 Nov 2016 x3r0h0ur

if your'e not dripping 7 per turn, without daily casts running, you're playing the wrong game :P

9 Nov 2016 RTsa

Career fair over modded? I guess it's better early on when the modded targets aren't that important. This definitely does seem annoying. :)

9 Nov 2016 Friff14

@RTsa Modded is just so hard to get right when so many of your targets are going to be pulled from SMC. Would be nice for hardware, but by the time you really want to get your hardware installed, you're already getting all the money in the world, so Modded is just wasted card slots.

11 Nov 2016 aandries

Thanks guys. The CFs are instant speed early. Dropping one for Networking based on meta was 50/50 good. Not sure I'd do it again. Way more CtM than Sync. I find you always over tech vs your own Corp at major events...

27 Nov 2016 zimashe

this deck is awesome. when you can keep Blue Sun broke it's a good day.

4 Dec 2016 Namepls

Awesome deck! I've found swapping out the Networking for a Rebirth to work well. If tags aren't an issue you can Rebirth into Ele "Smoke" Scovak: Cynosure of the Net for more free creds. Against yellow I Rebirth into Jesminder Sareen: Girl Behind the Curtain to stop Data Raven + Quantum Predictive Model/Data Ward shenanigans. Dropping the Atman for a Net Shield to deal with Jinteki: Potential Unleashed has also worked well for me. So far Rebirth into Rielle "Kit" Peddler: Transhuman has saved me from Mother Goddess.

4 Dec 2016 Namepls

I also swapped 1 of the Beth Kilrain-Chang for a Film Critic and haven't regretted it yet. Helps a lot against both yellow and red.

22 Dec 2016 IKnowKungFu

This deck is great fun to play and wins games, but sometimes the early game was a difficult, and at times frustrating. I added a couple of Temujin and man if you start with one of them in hand (or two, in the case of the game I had just now and won by turn 7) you're in for much smoother sailing. I added them on the expense of the vamps, which I love to use as a surprise weapon, but in my experience with the deck most of the ICE is rezzed by the time you reach late game, so it's not that effective, if at all.