Tao Olympic Diver [3-0 Genoa Standard]

Dana 43

3 -0 - Genoa - Goodbye Order. Farewell Chaos

The strategy is this: draw all the stack, get rich, discard clip and ashes and then, when you're ready, go all in with 3 deep dives.

Deuces Wild: MVP money+draw the only things you need. Peace in Our Time: i just love it, thanks to Beth you want the Corp to get rich and you need all of that cash for the all in run Caldera: it's mandatory, you don't want a Kakugo to burn your Dives. Bukgh + Clip + Unity: The holy trinity, it's rare but not impossible to miss with the Dives, in that case i prefer a solid breaker setup. Boomerang: just in case, but i'm not so sure about it. Just 4 Ashes: but i'm too sure about it.

Turn 1 - Argus: Totally missed the Dives (2 Dives 1 Project Atlas), the third was eaten by an Azef. I was richer and just won keeping the pressure on R&D and HQ. Turn 2 - Built to Last: Really an hard match, had to go very quick (he got 5 points playing Audacity, Ceremony and Biotic Labour), 2 Dives saved me before a Project Atlas tutoring turn. Turn 3 - PD: i've ran very quick on drawing but i was not very rich, won with an all in Dives turn.

19 May 2022 5N00P1

Took you deck for a spin and must say combo is not my flavor, but exchanged Caldera for a Guru which was a good thing against City Works Project with 5+ Counters...