Indecisive Executives - King of swiss@Euroafricas 3rd place

Bridgeman 2321

Also have a look at my pretty standard runner list

“We need to sell more Marilyn Bioroids!”

“Actually, scratch that. The astro bar is not selling well enough!”

“Eh, good enough. What we actually need is to hire this girl Rashida Jaheem, she gets the job done and then some!”

“Actually while we are at it, let's just scrap the whole city. Yeah scrap everything!”

This is what happens when you take an old idea and apply it to a new ID.

My gag from the last meta found a new home in OB :)

A lot of the reasoning for the two lists is the same, the main difference is that this deck is less defensive, but can go wayyyy faster at times to compensate for this.

A big point as well is that we have ice that is annoying for boat to deal with, and that can prevent people from fetching misdirection with Into the depths.

Commercial bankers group is replaced by the excavator, which in combination with our other assets is the best card in the deck.

Marilyns can be trashed on sight to become urban renewal, wall to wall, and launch campaign. Those in turn can be trashed to tutor rashida, spin doctor and excavator. This means a looot of money, and a lot of draw.

If we feed the excavator, the excavator gives back to us.

Edit: Another big point is that a lot of the assets will trigger the ID as well when they trash themselves. This mean that the runner still has to consider trashing a marilyn/launch campagin when they are at 2 credits, or let you have an ID trigger. Sometimes you can even force this to happen by for example putting a BC in front of your launch campagin, this can then tutor your excavator :)

The deck went 6-0 in swiss for me, and 1-1 in the cut. A lot of the wins happened within 10 minutes. Some of my team members from Unband were doing well with it too :)

I'm not doing a super detailed writeup this time, but feel free to ask me if there is anything you wonder about the deck or the event.

A dream of mine is still to win euros, but this is the best I have placed in it so far and I´m very happy and proud of my result.

Thanks again to all the lovely people at Nisei who made this event possible!

And of course thank you everyone from Unband who helped me prepare for the event, I really could not have done it without you!

I´ll see you all at intercontinentals!

4 Sep 2022 RepoRogue

Interesting list! Why are you on 21 points of agendas with 3x GFI? It seems like it could easily be 2x GFI and another Atlas.

4 Sep 2022 Council

I liked the alt name

'Hurry up please it's time!!!!!!'

This is such a good deck. Was lovely testing with Unband and looking forward to more in the future

4 Sep 2022 Paillu

Also wondering about the 3rd GFI and some questions about the ice: Is veritas here because it gets picked up off of trashed envelopment mostly? Why Enigma over afshar? I really like the list and the previous Gag one and really wanted to see a functional Ob list that looked like that!

4 Sep 2022 ArminFirecracker

There are 3 GFI so it can be scored early. This avoids scoring 4 agendas for the win.

4 Sep 2022 TugtetguT

Love this deck.

4 Sep 2022 Bridgeman

@Paillu``@RepoRogue @ArminFirecrackerNailed it, scoring 4 agendas is incredibly awkward, so we are banking on getting a 3 pointer scored, and in order to make sure we draw it we play three copies.

Yes veritas is the because envelopment can tutor it when it is trashed, and because it is the most taxing sentry you get for that prize. It synergizes with the overall gameplan.

I think enigma is stronger overall than afshar, hyperbaric has to charge for it, that is basically it, afshar is only strictly better on hq.

4 Sep 2022 Kikai

I can be your villain (baby),

I'll accentuate your pain.


I will take your breath away...

5 Sep 2022 percomis

Wait, are you saying y'all just IAA a Food? I guess it works in swiss, but if people know the list's only advanceable cards are agendas, they will 100% run it.

I guess they then get HHN-d though.

5 Sep 2022 Bridgeman

Yes exactly, they can run it, but they risk getting hit by econ plus hhn, and they might have to get through some uncomfortable ice like envelopment :)

You can use the threat of getting your 3-pointer to bait runs, it is just another pressure tool.

5 Sep 2022 Bridgeman

Naturally before you can do this you want to have your econ and card draw running to be able to properly defend the play. Once a GFI is scored you can pivot to a PD style where you never advance to get to 5/7 and you have the option to audacity for the last 2 points.

5 Sep 2022 Bridgeman

They often just dont have the money to contest the remote too because they used it to contest assets or clearing tags.

5 Sep 2022 Bridgeman

Or they simply dont have the breakers yet. Border control can gearcheck for both fracter and decoder at the same time in this ID. Envelopment shuts out a freshly installed boat.

5 Sep 2022 Bridgeman

Or they simply dont have the breakers yet. Border control can gearcheck for both fracter and decoder at the same time in this ID. Envelopment shuts out a freshly installed boat if backed up by another ETR ice.

5 Sep 2022 Jakuza

Love this. Absolute fire.

7 Sep 2022 Longi

Very nice, congrats. What is the percentage of score/kill wins?

7 Sep 2022 Bridgeman

There were 5 boom kills, 1 azef kill and one score out. In the loss in the cut I didnt get my econ rolling but ended up getting a sneaky naked atlas scored to go to 5 points. Unfortunately both agendas got sniped out of HQ before I could audacity.

In terms of overall percentages I´m not sure. The plans all support one another though, the fact that the runner has to care about all three is what makes this work.

7 Sep 2022 mrteatime66

Is it possible to see this on stream anywhere? I couldn't find it on the NISEI day 2 Twitch stream. I need to see this in action!

7 Sep 2022 Bridgeman

Unfortunately the one game with it I had on stream I lost within like 3 minutes of the streamers joining :D

8 Sep 2022 mrteatime66

Ah damn! Nebermind. Congratulations on your success and thank you so much for publishing!

8 Sep 2022 Bridgeman

Thanks, I appreciate that :)

8 Sep 2022 mrteatime66

Marilyns can be trashed on sight to become urban renewal, wall to wall, and launch campaign.

We need the Excavator on the table to do this, right? We can trash a Marilyn any other way and still get an Ob trigger if I understand the ID correctly.

8 Sep 2022 Bridgeman

That is correct, except for the marilyn trashing itself :)

8 Sep 2022 mrteatime66

Amazing, thank you! :D And I guess if the "Trash this ice" on the Envelopment fires, that will also trigger my ability?

8 Sep 2022 Bridgeman

That is correct :) Border control trashing itself also triggers it, jsut remember it only triggers once per turn :)

10 Sep 2022 NWE

Congrats on winning the Intercontinentals! Question about this deck, does it just lose to Apoc Shaper with Misdirection? Or how do you find that matchup?

11 Sep 2022 Bridgeman

Hey thanks!

It is a tricky matchup but I dont find it to be unfavored so far, you simply have to be precise and play the odds.

You have a few nice tools:

  • Urban renewals to force board interaction/apoc. Plus this has the potential to snipe apoc if they cant apoc
  • Border control to stop an apoc turn while still taxing the runner, border control also stops into the depths from fetching misdirection.
  • Azef can sometimes snipe apoc as well
  • If you get to 5 points they cannot apoc and have a clot on the board to stop audacity scoreout

Also the apoc decks themselves have some inherent issues

  • Only 2 apocs in the deck, often it is not in hand early enough to get rid of the board before the corp snowballs
  • Only 2 slots that fetch misdirection in a guarateed fashion. 1Misdir, 1SMC
  • Not a ton of cash to go trash assets
  • Installing boat to force apoc is a big credit hit, that then gets rid of the boat

With these things in mind you at least have a fighting chance, and In my experience so far it is actually a favorable matchup.

11 Sep 2022 Bridgeman

And ofc you can tutor for urban renewal to force the board interaction. :)