Glitz 'n' Blitz (4th Brisbane Regionals)

kusoash 156

This is my pet Builder of Nations deck I took alongside Geist to the Brisbane regionals on 26th June. It took me to 5th in Swiss with 2 IDs and 4th after double elims.

Terminal Directive boosted the BoN ice suite well enough for me to give it a shot a tournament. Semi glacier deck with the kill option. The ID ability helps whittle the runner's hand and subsequent deck while you bait runs with Oaktowns and Hollywoods supported by Prisec. A successful bait can be followed up with Midseasons/Boom! with consulting. MCA Informant for Aaron and Film Critic, Snare! for additional blitz and Hunter Seeker to takeout any important pieces.

It was a great choice for the day and I had a lot of fun. Some changes I'd make would be minus Shadow and add extra Hortum and Colossus or Fire Wall. Restructure becomes Mass Commercialisation and Prisecs become currents and a third consulting visit.

18 Jul 2017 PanzerD

Love it. You ICE is pretty much what I concluded to run. Congrats!