Drip Sunny v0.3

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First attempt at a Sunny deck.

Strong drip economy with Data Folding, Underworld Contact and Daily Casts. Also makes use of Security Nexus + Power Tap, using Sunny's high base link along with Rabbit Hole and Access to Globalsec to make it safe, and Jak Sinclair to make a click-free run each turn netting you cash and an access as a bonus.

The Supplier helps get those econ cards in play. Rachel Beckman will speed up card draw and Symmetrical Visage helps get cash out while churning through the deck for econ and breakers. Hostage can get Rachel, Jak or Supplier in play if they aren't there when you need them.

Basic play is get Security Nexus out as soon as you can. That means you have a good shot each turn at accessing a server with only one ice. Then get econ, link and breakers, deferring costs with The Supplier as much as you can.

v0.2 - Removed Magnum Opus, Dirty Laundry and Clone Chip to make way for Quality Time.

v0.3 - Removed Diesel and Quality Time in favour of Earthrise Hotel for draw and Multithreader to pay for using breakers. Self-modifying Code to pull in missing rig, and an extra Hostage to get all the core connections in play.