Look over there it's a Pirate

strube 156

If you want a better pirate I'd check out this one and just cut the sports hopper. Reclaim is very good in this deck.

This is a list that @thebigunit3000 gave me prior to the Durham regional and in my style I played 2 games online and decided to sleeve it up. It went undefeated in swiss winning against an Azmari glacier and 2 Argus.

Misdirection and 3x Peace are the big changes here from other lists. 3x Peace really smooths out your early economy against CTM and other forms of Economic Warfare even though I'd only ever recommend playing 1 or 2 in a game. Misdirection is MVP and a super good meta card. Nothing like DDMing Argus click 2 stealing 3 gendies and taking tags only to clear them all on 3 and 4.

Unlike my corp Eurotrash MTI I think the better Chicago version listed above is very well positioned in the meta right now.