Replicating Kills v1.0 (a guide how to play RP properly)

Dydra 2805

Hello everyone, this is the first Jinteki deck that I publish. A thing to know about me, is that I play only Jinteki, as a corp, ever since I started in September last year and yes... I guess that makes me "that Jinteki player" in your local playgroup. I have a lot of experience with the corp though, so let me share with you a deck I'm really excited about.

General Mindset

This deck wants to drain you from money, making you an easy target for Punitive Counterstrike (which I will refer to as PS from now on). In order to do this we have :

  • 6 out of 9 agendas requiring you to spend money (and draw cards, cuz Neural EMP and PS pew-pew)
  • Expensive to bypass Ice ( especially if Ninja is the dominant breaker in your playgroup rather than mimic)
  • Economy that punishes passive runners but makes aggressive ones lose clicks/time
  • Caprice to make them "re-run" your already expensive server or to deny them a bit more gold and make them unable to steal your agenda bellow

Note: You will do yourself a big favor, thinking that the runner will win the game with 3 agendas rather than 4, because you play 3 pointers. Better prepare yourself for that, rather than blaming it on "luck".

Agendas Spread

In the abstract above I've described in general the Agenda choice. However, there are a bit of space to play around.

  • You want the Fetal AI and the NAPD to drain them even more than the already taxing ICE. Fetal AI also makes them easier to finish off with PS or Neural EMP
  • You want Priority Req, because it makes easier to ress the expensive ICE and allows you to really hammer them with PS.

Things to play around with :

  • The current agenda pool is 21 points (rather than 20) and it's possible to change that.
  • In the first version of this deck I had a single Clone retirement that I used for Archer rezzing, removing the bad pub from grim AND scoring from hand to finish 6 point games. It's a really valuable choice for this deck, the reason I don't play it is because with the new cards from "Double Time" it's possible to reinforce the money denial tactic.
  • Take out a Priority Req and put in a Braintrust. It lowers the the chance for them hitting a 3 pointer + now they don't know if you put an unadvanced card if it's an upgrade, a Snare! or a braintrust!


Plain and simple – expensive to trash and punishes passive runners

  • I choose Private Contracts over PAD campaign in this deck, because it allows you to surge your money when you need it. You can take 6 money for 1 turn. PAD is possible to do the same, however you need to have 3 copies of it our and rezzed, rather than a single one (which is the case with Private Contracts). You want to be able to surge with money, so you can prepare your PS!
  • Sundew is a monster. Especially in RP. If the runner doesn't address EVERY single one which you install, they will leave you swimming in money
  • Subliminal is sick in RP. Arguable a deck that has 3 Snares, 3 Fetals and 3 Shocks and 3 Celebrity Gifts would like Subliminal more, however making them unable to run your remote on their last click really discourages them have to spend the one before that for fictive archives run. I might try Celebrity Gift in this deck at some point, but I'm happy with the economy atm.


Now here is where you might not agree with many of my choices, but let me go through them!


Low barrier numbers. Jinteki never had any good barriers to begin with. Generally unless u plan to spend 3 influence for a Heimdal 2.0 or get Bastions in, there isn't really a point to it. Corroder is the best breaker in game ( even among the different types) and they will have it. The reason I'm playing Himitso-Bako over a Bastion or a Paper Wall is because it allows me to move it around. I would generally use it to protect Sundews or/and Private Contracts and I can move it around if I manage to trash their Corroders. I might wanna play 3 in this deck actually, but hard to take find a card slot.

Note: Why Wall of Thorns is a bad ICE.

I've seen people uploading "winning" decks with WoTx2 and I really find myself face palming. That ICE is just horrid. Let's take a closer look at it. First, it costs 4 or 5 to get through with Corrroder and it has a cost of 8. Which means it needs at least 2 runs through it, to pay off. That's not efficient, when Tollbooth costs 7 on a Gordian Blade for the same price (and they lose 3c regardless)! Second it has Net Damage and End the Run. The two subroutines are almost mutually exclusive. You either want them to take Net damage and kill them or to stop them in their feet and end the run. Doing both puts you nowhere. They either don't take the extra damage from the Agenda/Trap/Hokusai bellow or just continue to Agenda win for 4 credits ( to break the End the Run sub). Tsurugi gets around this problem very gracefully by - having a lower rezz cost, more net damage and allowing YOU to control the outcome. If you find yourself in a position to trash their Corroder it doesn't really matter if you have Himitsu-Bako or WoT. Conclusion - don't play Wall of Thorns!


Really expensive for Ninja. Neural Katana is 4 for 4. Tsurugi is 6 for 7 and Archer is 9/10. Mimic is the worst thing that can happen to a Jinteki player, however that's why Archer and Grimm come in. IF you trash 1 of their mimics and discard the other via Net damage, it's suddenly another game :)

Code Gates

  • Viper for 1 Influence is great in RP deck (because it makes them lose a click) it fits well both on remote and as top ice on a central. Yagura is amazing and does some work that ICE ( that's the reason I don't wanna put the Quandary in) , especially in front of R&D.
  • Tollbooth — still one of the best ICE in game, it does kneel a bit for 5 against a Knight, but everything else makes through it slowly and expensive (which is the thing u want!)
  • Chum + Data mine — it will catch people off-guard. The combo will allow you to kill people easily (especially if DM is out of your Meta atm) and the cards on their own work great in this deck. Chum boosting Grim for double Ninja pump or getting Tsurugi and Neural katana out of Mimic range.

The other cards

  • Caprice Nisei , is just a strong card. It's not as game breaking as many people call it, because there is a chance in the game as it is (Hi there Maker's eye), but it will see play in pretty much every Jinteki deck from now on. It works great for this deck as well, because sometimes biding 2, knowing them that if they bid 2 they will be out of the money range to steal the agenda bellow — is skill , not luck!
  • My initial deck didn't have Interns in it. However Caprice is a viable target to be sniped from R&D so you will want her back and installing 3rd or 4th layer of ICE for free, is just great.
  • Jackson x 2 ... You get around 3 "free" influence in this deck and Jack seems to be the best target, as pretty much the "all mighty fixer" making you draw into what u want and fixing overdrawing problems meanwhile. A good play is, leaving 5 points in archives (if they are at 0) preparing for a PS and Neural EMPs in your turn after knowing that it will kill them. If they score a 2 pointer or something changes your plan in the meantime (like a Plascrete) just Jackson them back in :)
  • Ronin — maybe the most arguable card in this deck, but there is a reason for it. Maybe you are thinking "Why not run a Junebug in always advance deck" and you would be correct, if every good player didn't run at least 1 Infiltration or other expose in their decks. The card slots are so tight atm, that I don't have the space to put in 1-2 Zaibatsu Loyalties or Tricks of Light, to make the Junebug useful after it's exposed. Ronin on the other hand, even if it's exposed and lies protected in the remote behind 2-3 layers of ICE, they have to address it, because that 3 extra damage in a kill deck a good player can't leave. And all that for just 2 card slots!

IMPORTANT NOTE: I want Hokusai in this deck !! xD I want at least 2 Hokusai's in the deck, because they worked great in the previous version of the deck (let's call it the beta) comboing hard with Fetals and will go good with NAPD making them not trash the Grid when they enter :) However, I can't see to find slots because I want at least 15 ICE (previous version was with 17!) in RP ! An idea I'm having is to go to 54 cards for 22 points. That will result in 1 Clone retirement, 2x Hokusai and leave me with 2 slots for ICE. Don't know how consistent the deck will be though for drawing into Neural EMPs, PSs and Ronins. Will definitely try both and update for v2.0!

If you have reached this point in this "article", thank you! Jinteki aren't easy to play, as people think and as a veteran Jinteki player I feel like giving a heads up to all the new players that will pick them up once the expansion hits.

If this was useful to you, like, comment or leave me a question!

Cheers, Dydra

P.s. HUGE shoutout to Alsciende, who format the text for me and made it readable =) !

7 Apr 2014 Dydra

I'm sorry for the horrible "format", I've actually tried to fix it, but it seems I've reached the maximum number of characters for the page and it's not possible without removing text :(

7 Apr 2014 db0

Yay, another RP player. I like the style of this deck. Very retaliatory and surprising with all the 1x ICE. Only thing I might change is swap Subliminals for Celebrity Gift so allow you the burst money you might need to go for a kill.

I also think you might have a bigger problem against Siphon/Tag-Me/Shutdown decks since you have no tag punishment.

7 Apr 2014 Dydra

Actually yes, you make a great point about the tag punishment. That seems to have escaped my mind, because just 2 days ago I won a tournament with "Replicating Scorches" deck where I ran 2 Data Ravens and 2 Scorch Earths + 2 Closed Accounts... and yeah, feel free to tag yourself against me :D

However, the card slots are so tight I'm not sure what to take out.

I'm really split on the Celebrity Gift. It's just great, but against a good player, revealing information can cost you too much. I would love to play it in combination with Subliminal by denying them information for 2-3 cards, but on it's own showing them exactly for how much I can hit them after they run - I'd rather not.

As I wrote, might worth it adding 1 Clone Retirement and going up to 54 cards and squeeze in 2x Closed Accounts to go with that?

7 Apr 2014 mabool

(I play PE, so a few of our choices will be different)

Red Herring: It works well with NAPD Contract and Fetal AI, and it continues the trend of taxing the runner.

RSVP: It does work in Double Time Jinteki: It's a Chum-like ICE, it protects your assets and your taxing agendas, and Fetal AI still triggers. It renders the Caprice Nisei mindgame a trivial exercise.

Barrier: I think you are undervaluing Wall of Thorns. It's comparable to Tollbooth. They have the same strength. Wall of Thorns costs 5 with Corroder. Tollbooth costs 5 with Torch. (Torch has better stats, granted) With Gordian Blade, it's 7. But they can choose to Femme Fatale it. If they see a Tollbooth, that will happen ASAP. If they see Wall of Thorns, they might wait and see if there isn't a better target. Even if they do, Wall of Thorns costs 2 to bypass. With Knight, it's 4 vs 5. Lastly, Wall of Thorns is a non-sentry that deals damage, they might facecheck it with a killer as their only icebreaker on the board.

7 Apr 2014 Dydra

Yes, I didn't wrote that (because the text is pretty long as it is), but face checking without Corroder might make the only sense to hit them for the 2 Net. However you pay 8 for that ... That's quite the cost and unless u have the Kill switch ready and be able to pay it up ... I honestly wouldn't pay it.

I'm sorry, but you can't compare Torch to Corroder, due to the huge different in costs. Gordian and Corroder are somewhat close, but a 9 cost vs a 2 cost. It's just a huge tempo swing. Also if something Femmed it hardly matters if it's a 2 to pay or 1 ... on Archer it's a 4, which sort of makes sense, but the rest are all the same.

RSVP is an interesting choice, but I'm not sure about the influence (since it's a 2) and EVERYONE with a little brain will insta jack-out after it, especially against Jinteki, because they can die on the next ice, regardless what breaker they have. So my recommendation would be to stick to Chum and use the influence for something else :)

Red Herring is something which would make a lot of sense, however it faces the same problem as the Hokusai Grids that I want to enter. Some cuts need to be made ( for a 49 size) and I don't see where. Maybe after some hard testing I will decide if it worth it to take out a Snare! and an Interns :)

8 Apr 2014 Wosho

Hello, Jinteki player since core here and winner of SC with RP :) Very nice writeup and interesting killing deck. Problem is imho you dont have enough taxing ice for rp, Your rd will be 4 or 5 to break, everybody plays mimic so dont count on taxing katana, it will be 1 or free with rp. I prefer to play with as much taxing i can:sth like this:

8 Apr 2014 Dydra

Well, adding more Tsurugi or Neural Katanas would definitely not help tax Mimic more :P but hey, the ichi might not be bad... it's for 3 + data sucker? I'd definitely strain from a 2nd Archer in this deck though, due to the lack of 1 pointers. However, I think that Tollbooth will be a nice tax on R*D and remote of course in combo with some other ice =)

Also, please don't forget that this is a kill deck ... I need 6-to-8 slots for the killing cards ... I can't simply put more ICE in :)

8 Apr 2014 partialcharge

Dydra, thanks so much! Great breakdown of your thought process. I also love Jinteki and really appreciate all the detailed information.

One big question, though: why RP instead of PE? What does it bring to this deck? How do you make use of the ability?


8 Apr 2014 Dydra

@partialcharge, thank you. There is actually a very good reason to play this deck in a RP rather than PE.

The first reason is the Economy. Sundews and even Private Contracts are much easier to trash in Personal Evolution. Many criminals might Inside Job your Sundew in early game ( that sits behind one ICE), which is still a good trade for you, but you really want money in this deck. In RP when they have to run ALSO in Archives (because they can't really risk running in a Neural Katana or smt in front of your HQ or R&D), that adds up an entire click to the cost of your Sundew, which is a click where they don't get money, they don't setup rig and they don't draw cards. Furthermore, on the topic of Economy, because card slots are really limited in this deck you want to play Asset Economy rather than Operation Economy. Operations will give you a burst of money (if you hit them) but those money will end (Snares!/ ICE / Agendas ) and then you don't have the money to Punitive Counter-strike and Neural EMPs. Assets on the other hand provide you with a steady amount for the entire game, which will put you on top of the runner, money wise, after they get TAXed on your ICE and Agendas. Ready and waiting for a PS :)

Also, there is the matter of "mechanics" of Sundew in RP (something which I've been preaching since the card was spoiled, but no1 in my playgroup belived me!) that it will never set you back, because it pays off in the second you rezz it (because for the runner is impossible to run with his first click in the Sundew). So Suddenly, not only they have to spend 2 clicks , 2 credits and take care of an ICE early game, but that hasn't set you back in anyway. That's not the case in PE. :)

The second reason is that, again, is that extra click they have to make on a central prior remote run. Now, you can argue that "1 click spend on a central is 1 click not drawing a card, but 1 net damage on Agenda steal is -1 card -> so it's the same" , but it's not. The truth is that depending on the game state one identity would be better than the other, but what's the really important thing here is that having an ICE with non End the Run, as a top layer, on every central (which is a general concept in RP) means that they will have to spend credits on it. Is it going to be a Neural Katana, Tsurugi, Grim, Archer, Viper, Tollbooth and they have to spend 2-to-5 credits "dealing with it", those will be 2-to-5 less credits having to steal your NAPD or Fetal AI, trash your Hokusai or big against Caprice Nisei. And that does make a difference :)

I've made around 9-10 games today and I will share my impressions bellow from the testing. =) I think it will be interesting for you to hear

8 Apr 2014 Dydra

Testing Results:

So I made 9 games today. 6 of them were as Corp with this deck and the results are 5W-1L. The Loss being me drawing into 7 out of my 9 agendas in the first 15-18 cards.

The games were 3 games against Whizzard and 3 games against Noise.

Whizzard games:

The Whizzard is maybe the worst thing you wanna see when you have an Asset based Economy (on which you count so much), combined with an Imp it really can deny you. However, I won 2-1 with the exception of my first game where I overflood with Agendas. I'm quite happy that I played maybe against the only Whizzard deck in our playgroup, because I doubt someone else would go trash open Private Contracts. Second game I burned (shot is a better word I guess lol) with 2x PS after he stole Priority Req. Third game I killed him again with combination of Neural EMP and PS after he stole NAPD and dropped to 3 credits

Noise games:

Oh boy, those were some crazy ones. If I have to keep it short, killed him 2 times and the 3rd game he was really scarred, so he decided to play full on passive, which allowed me to score a fetal and priority req in the first few turns. I Priority Req-ed Tollbooth on the remote, which just proved too expensive for his AI breakers. Could have tried to finish the game early with NAPD which I had to put behind the tollbooth, but decided to play it safe, virus wipes after full protect on central, grab a bit of money so he is scarred from PS and Neurals and scorred the NAPD then ( he didn't have enough money to go through central and tollbooth AND steal NAPD).

My take on different cards after the testing:


felt really useless, even against Noise. I often spent some turns taking 6 money from Private Contracts, which leaves me no time to install Jackson and draw with him. I eventually end up with the cards that I want, because as I said, I take entire turns taking money and the auto-draw piles up. I'm thinking about swapping him directly for 2x Closed Accounts for tag punishment as db0 suggested.

Caprice Nisei

is my wife

8 Apr 2014 Dydra

.... and text got cut half-way damn xD

8 Apr 2014 partialcharge

Such good information! Thanks so much.

9 Apr 2014 db0

Jackson is there to save you from Agenda flood. For my Untrashable strain, he's invaluable!

9 Apr 2014 Dydra

Yeah db0, I'm aware of that ... However the only game where I REALLY got flooded, he wasn't there so save me ;( I might just install him face-down and use him only for archives recursion, rather than use his draw ability.

Let me continue on a few more cards ...


saw exactly 0 rezz in 6 games ... I either never saw an opportunity to trash stuff worth a 2point sac, or wasn't there on Priority Req scores. Will do more testing, but swaping him for Ichi 2.0 or Heimdal 2.0, might be an option. Landing a brain damage might severely ease the task of killing him.


So first 3 games I played with 2x Interns 3x Snare! and the only time I got to use them was to return an Imp trashed Himitsu-Bako. Against noise I took them out and 1x Snare and put a 3rd Caprice and 2x Hokusai Grid. Even the last game where all my 3 Caprice were sniped from R&D, I still won.

Hokusai Grid

Played with it only against the Noise deck, felt good to have it, however I also felt one idea short on money to rezz it without thinking. Might has something to do with Noise milling a bunch of my Sundews and Econ. I still like the card in this deck though and it will be a grind of testing to find it a slot.


Absolute rock-star in the deck, as expected. I counted 8 access on it where they coldn't steal it and after that I stopped counting :) and the times they did those -4c made it SO SO easy for me to PS them to death.

Still, I had 4 out of 5 wins via killing, so Replicating truly Kills! ;)

9 Apr 2014 temporar

Have you considered Snowflake instead of Himitsu? As you are making runs on centrals so expensive, few Runners will have balls to leave the last ICE protecting Sundew to loaded dice roll. They will pay and this will net you 1 credit, already during the first run.

9 Apr 2014 Dydra

Hmmmm ... you are a posing an interesting suggestion. Yes, I see the point that they will rather spend 2 to break it, than to gamble, but isn't that the downside of Snowflake in general :) However, as I explained, what I really love in Himitsu-Bako (except that it means Puzzlebox in Japanese :P ) is that if you trash their Corroder(s) you can bounce it on the remote or on r&d and lock them out :)

If this dick ever makes some Nisei Division incarnation though, I'd definitely play Snowflake over Himitsu-Bako!

9 Apr 2014 Dydra

hahahha, holly crap, where is the edit button on comments? :) obviously I meant dEck, please take no offense @temporar

10 Apr 2014 temporar

None taken. It's a great deck, overall, I could only come with a single suggestion :-).

12 Apr 2014 Dydra

I made a couple of more games yesterday ...

Took out the 2x Ronnin for 2x Giraffe in a Purse , 1x Snare! for 3rd Subliminal and 2x Interns for 2xHokusai Grid

The result was 2W-1L with the loss being the runner makes 3 runs for the entire game and pulling an agenda every single time, while me not drawing into my PS.Still finished with 5 points in my game loss, easily. As for the deck changes, I end up swimming in money, because an early Subliminal is so strong in this deck and Celebrity Gifts + Sundews made me pile up 20c+ in no time. However, I'd consider my opponent skill level a bit above average, so I'm not sure how much he took advantage of the information I was giving him. I'll have to make a few games with the top 2 players (I'm #3-4 lol) in our playgroup to have a serious feedback on Celebrity Gift in this deck. I also think that I used Private Contracts once through the entire 3 games. It definitely feels like a bit of an overkill on the economy, but the deck was running smoothly.

Oh, my opponent was playing a test Noise deck with savoir-faire and 3x Public sympathy, which should actually make it REALLY hard for me to kill him with a handsize of 9 ( he played 2 of them in all of our games), yet I still managed to flat-line him in the 2nd game.

Let me know if you guys made any tests or have anymore questions, cheers!

12 Apr 2014 Freeman 1.0

Good deck

I love RP and your punishing idea is really interesting, my deck is based on Encryption protocol and RSVP and the net damage is only for taxing (althoungh shinobi is flatline many times). I Think RSVP and Ichi 1.0 are made for this deck. I'm looking forward more of your games, especially agains Gabe Knight or CT siphon, if you have the chance to play agins them.

12 Apr 2014 Ber

I'm another long-time Jinteki player, and wow I am impressed with this deck.

My one contribution would be to say look closer at Ichi 1.0. I think it is the single best ice for RP - there is nothing that hard-counters it, it's always very taxing to deal with.

13 Apr 2014 vevicus

I can't say I'm really impressed with Neural Katana. You mention that Mimic is the worst thing that can happen and the reality is that mimic is probably one of the most popular sentry breakers out there. I also find that criminals will usually run Faerie over Ninja.

Overall I love the multiple dimensions. Solid econ, taxing to the runner, and has the kill potential. Also I like how much effort you put into formatting all your posts. What sort of markup does Netrunnerdb use?

13 Apr 2014 famebyproxy

Great deck - a lot of fun to watch the runner sweat and working so hard only to hit that NAPD or Fetal without the creds to score. 2-1 with this deck today, with one flatline.

One thing I noticed while playing is how regularly my opponent would use a quick and easy run on Archives before heading to a remote...or even just to prevent Subliminal from coming back into my hand. Have you thought about including Shock! to make those Archive runs all the more taxing? Not that it's going to kill them on it's own, but if they have to take 1 or 2 extra net damage just for hitting an empty Archives, they might think harder about running that remote.

Since playing, I've added 2x Shock! swapped out Viper and Archer (also was never able to use it) for Data Raven and Hunter, to set up 2x Closed Accounts. Also, based on my playing and your notes I also added in Hokusai and removed Jackson, Interns and Ronin.

13 Apr 2014 Dydra


The problem of Shocks for Archives in RP ...

is that they don't need to make a successful run, to meet the condition of the identity =( Which good players will use. Yes, it might stop them for running into "empty" archives for data sucker tokens, but that hardly compliments the RP over PE.

Also yes, that problem with the "quick and easy" run on archives exists if you don't draw into your ICE properly. However, you should be drawing into your PSs and Neurals to punish them after they make the run on the remote. If your opponent uses a click just to stop you from getting 1x Sublminal back , hey , that's a great trade for you! Subliminal isn't the main economy for you, it's there to chip you in extra. Also just wait until you draw in your 2nd (or 3rd if u use my latest swap) Sublminal and you play it from hand, as they watch how they just wasted a click and didn't deny you the 1c Sublminal =)

The reason which I'd avoid 2x Closed Accounts in this deck...

and the reason that the first card I decided to took out was the 3rd Snare!, is simply because you have too many things to hold in hand. As you draw through the game, the thing that will ( and should) clog up in your hand are Neural EMPs and PS. Around mid game having 2x Neural and 2xPS ( or other combination of the cards) in your hand is pretty normal. However, as you continue drawing, you will eventually clog up HQ and you wouldn't want to discard neither Neural, nor PS, because you don't know which will end up killing him. If you have to hold up to a Closed accounts as well for tag punishment, together with an 2nd Agenda you can't protect or a Snare! which you've drawn .... the Jinteki HQ will need an expansion !!(

13 Apr 2014 Dydra

Oh holly S*it !! I just got cut my reply post in half (again..) =( Sorry guys, it will take me some time until I rewrite everything

13 Apr 2014 ashtaroth

Just out of curiosity, during the building process did you ever considered Successful Demonstration? It seems a good way to punish the incomplete runs, Runners will make to able to go for the remotes.

13 Apr 2014 Dydra


Influence is pretty tight already in this deck, 3x PS and 2x Tollbooth is 10 flat influence, for the core of this deck.

You have around 5 to play around with, but you will most likely want at least 1 more out of faction ICE, probably quite taxing, like an Archer or Ichi 2.0 ( might give a go with a Janus even lol).

@Ber and @Freeman 1.0

The problem I have with Ichi 1.0 is that it needs just 1 Data Sucker token to get him in Mimic range. Also it's strongest point is being an Ambush. Once the ICE is up, the runner will always make sure he can passs through the Ichi. Putting him on the remote, might make it a bit of a hussle because the DS token won't come back. Archer on the other hand costs either 9-10c on Ninja or 3 DS tokens + 3-4c on Mimic. Not only it's easier to trash something with him, but will have a good taxing effect for the rest of the game, unless he gets Emergency Shutdown-ed. I am considering Ichi 2.0 however...

Might give it a go with the RSVPs, although that would mean that I will play 2 and use up to 14 influence ... and it sort of makes sense only on the remotes? because they can jack out if it's on a central and they don't wanna dig in ...


better get impressed with the Neural Katana, because there is no downside to it. If they play Mimic before running into it, simply not rezz it. Leave it there bluffing while you draw into another ICE ( if they have seen your Acher, they are probably shitting their pants with that unrezzed ICE) . If they run without Mimic, rezz it and enjoy the 3 Net they will get for face checking.

Also, if they wanna trade Faerie for a Neural, considering I run 6 sentry ICE, well , I'll do that trade any day.

14 Apr 2014 famebyproxy

Point taken....especially regarding Closed Accounts. I still might try Shock! out, as I play against enough Anarch decks that a few extra Net Damage when they go to fish out a Fetal or two could be mean death for them.

FWIW regarding Subliminal – I never really think of it as an economy card. I always think of it as a psychology play. It begs the runner to run, which is exactly what you want them to do in this deck.

14 Apr 2014 Freeman 1.0

Try to put ichi 1.0 defending archives and 1 hokusai and some shocks and take a look your opponet's face XD RSVP means caprice sundew and your agendas can't be stolen

14 Apr 2014 Dydra

@Freeman 1.0

Yeah mate, I've done shenanigans like that in my games :P Even Caprice on Archives against Noise is SOOO fun .... the amount of time he will spend trying to get in there thinking that you are defending points ( and you might not) and completely forget your remote lol.

I still think that I'll try RSVP, but the amount of copies to play is also a problem. The deck has around "5" free influence, which would mean - no archer, no viper and 1 less Jackson ... and that considering I already have 2 out of faction Code Gates =(

Tomorrow we have a weekly Netrunner meeting and I'll definitely try more things out, moving firmly towards the v2.0 =)

Also, this deck made it to "Decklsit of the Week"!

I just wanted to say Thank you so very much guys. I'm super happy and it wouldn't be possible without all the likes, favorites and feedback you left me! Cheers!

14 Apr 2014 PeekaySK

Just dropping in quickly after some testing to say - this deck is very well put together, lots of synergy that might not be immediately apparent. Of course, I've already tweaked to my personal preferences, but credit where credit is due!

(can't wait for 2.0) :)

15 Apr 2014 Freeman 1.0

Waiting for 2.0 and talk more about new jinteki rp

16 Apr 2014 Popeye09

I agree with your thoughts on Wall of Thorns as far as remote servers go. I think it's not a bad ICE though on central servers in Replicating Perfection (and better than in Personal Evolution). It is ICE that does double duty in both stopping the run and being taxing to bounce off (2 net damage). So it is good for the outside ICE of central servers, I find. If I can get it on R&D (or HQ versus criminals) early on, I'm happy. It will work for a few turns in both ETR and preventing cheap bounces on that server, and then it still has a quite good taxing effect even when I install other ICE in front of it later. It is quite expensive, but I think it is worth it to lock down a central server early on to both access and unsuccessful runs in one ICE.

19 Apr 2014 weepinggorilla

Is the bad pub worth making NAPD contracts a 5-advancer?

20 Apr 2014 Dydra


A very good notice, friend. The only reason I don't have Shinobis in this deck is because if you hit on the Bad Pub, suddenly it all becomes a 5 advance game. Which, although on paper makes up for some mind games (having them to calculate if it's a 3 point PS or 2 point incoming), it hardly worth it. It really slows the deck down.

I personally rezz Grim (and take the bad pub) only when I know that either I'm trashing a 2nd copy of a breaker, or against an early Mimic (making him hardly run until he draws into another and then has to pick up DS tokens from somewhere).

If you like, you can try up to 54 cards with +1 Clone retirement to shake off the grim bad pub and to finish off 6 point games =) I still haven't tested a 54 card version of the deck.... but I'll definitely give it a go at some point.

23 Apr 2014 uriele85

What about putting 3 hive instead of Archer (I always have it when I don't need it, when I cannot rez it, or when I can rez sacrificing a 2-3 points agenda with the runner at the matchpoint), a counterstrike, and grim (always targeted by a Knight or and Atman when the runner is full of money and the BP makes my life even harder). I had a lot of problem dealing with recursion parasite and combo of AS (I need a ETR ICE in front of R&B and something not to expensive and that becomes almost worthless when Corroder comes in play, and usually with recursion it comes in play in the first 2 rounds with an AS on the side, and Viper or Tsurugi are my only options). I know that Hive becomes weaker in time, but costing the runner 7 credits or 4-5 credits every time it's taxing in the early middle game and it gives me time on a remote to score a couple of agenda and put pressure on the runner

23 Apr 2014 Dydra

Hmmm... I made a bunch of games on Monday in which I swapped out the Archer+ Viper for Ichi 2.0 and a 3rd Himitsu-Bako. It worked out great. Went 3-0 against a relatively slow Noise deck.

I don't know how you play this deck, but it absolutely destroys slow decks. By the time my opponent has setup breakers and money, I'm already at 4-5 points and about to finish him off.

I don't like Hive exactly for that reason. You have to pressure hard early game. Let's say you put down on 1st or 2nd turn, a Priority Req in a remote behind a Tollbooth which you may or may not be able to ress. You just put pressure on them that they can't run there without their breakers because they might die (Jinteki, hello lol). So, considering that you have to score fast in the early game, you will make your Hive absolutely useless in the mid-game. Of course that might not be the case against fast decks and ofc beware of Inside Jobs and Knight.

On the other hand, I can see a Hive being useful exactly in that early window until you hit off with 4-5 points, but yet again, you need to draw it ... and it's 6 Influence, which means max 1 Tollbooth ... and around mid game those 6 influences are literally useless.

I'll try to film some of my games, to give you guys a general idea how to play the deck.

23 Apr 2014 Dydra

If my idea wasn't clear about Hive (because was simulating situations with it), I'm personally against it, because I think it doesn't fit the playstyle of the deck. Let me elaborate a bit on that. I see Hive made for stuff like Cerebral Imaging decks, where you will spend 3-4-5(or even more) turns drawing into your combo pieces or for NBN fast advances where you basically want to do the same (drawing into Astro Scripts). There however, scoring 1 Astro could easily mean 4 more points. Where as in this deck, that's definitely not the case. Here you don't want to spend 4-5 turns without scoring.

Please take my words without any offence (because I mean non), but you might not have figured out yet the playstyle of the deck. Which is maybe my fault, for not explaining it too well. Hopefully, when I make the vid it will clear up stuff for you guys.

23 Apr 2014 uriele85

the problem is I spend 4-5 turns (even more) scoring anyway. Having 3x3 pointer means that I have less agendas in the deck that playing all 2 pointers or a combination of 2/1. As it happens on OCTGN I either start without Agendas and I find them at turn 10-15 (10-20 games) or I find myself completely without ice or with katana when the runner has mimic at turn 1-3 (3 games out of 20). Plus they usually have 3xAS and a recursion of parasite. I'd really like to see a video of how to play this deck against Anarch and Criminal (Shapers are the only one I can beat almost easily with it). In short, for me it's a great deck if you can pressure to the corp fast (having a couple of braintrust has been proved useful when I managed to draw them because I could disguise them as Snare! and force the runner to spend a couple of clicks to draw before running for the remote). If I cannot draw ICE and agenda fast (and apparently this is my problem with this deck, I usually found myself flooded in assets and operation I cannot use), I'm done. I removed the ronins for 2 gifts to boost the economy and it worked great. You are right about Hive, haing 3 of them it gave me some problem at the match point, but I managed to consistently score 6 agenda when the runner was at 0-3 (I was unlucky not to find the 3xPR in all 6 games with the modified deck) putting a lot of pressure on him and for him to run instead of slowly and steady building his economy and rig

24 Apr 2014 Dydra

OCTGN is hardly measure for anything. Build the deck and go play with the peeps in your local meta. After all, that's where you will be playing your tournaments, not on OCTGN. There is also huge difference playing face to face and online =) With that being said, I honestly never had a game where I didn't draw enough Agendas. If anything, I often end up with with 2+ agendas in hand around mid game and my only 2 losses with this deck are due to Agenda flood. I'm 10-2 with the deck so far ( 12 games). Maybe it's just the way I shuffle my deck? I also consistently score 4-5 points really fast (even in my 2 losses I finished the game 1 agenda away from winning), playing without Hive or Braintrust. As I've written in the Agendas Spread, throwing a Braintrust in there is an option (as well as going up to 54 with Clone retirement), but it again comes down to chances for you to draw into it, which as far as I understand isn't what you want. Playing more than 1 would definitely be a bad idea, because the other Agendas compliment the deck so much more.

24 Apr 2014 uriele85

thanks for the suggestions. Hope to see your video soon (PS: on the other hand your blue N0ise deck is a beast, it can put a lot of pressure on the Corp even with the worst of the draw)

24 Apr 2014 GreatGreedyGuts

I'm considering swapping my RP deck over to this from Untrashable... I'm wondering what your thoughts are on Encryption Protocol? I recognize influence is already suuuper tight, but with any luck some of the Ice influence can be freed up soon, with H&P, and they always serve as useful ways to make my Sundews stick around.

24 Apr 2014 Dydra


I've never actually played any incarnation of db0's Untrashable deck, so I have no clue to how different the playstyles are, but I'd venture a guess and say quite a lot- considering this one kills you. Maybe if he made some testing with this deck, could explain further. As for my thoughts Encryption Protocol in this deck ... prior H&P I'd say it would be really difficult. Maybe on the place of the 2 Jackson Howard's (I'm still yet to see them in a game lol)? Actually you know what, I think I'll try it next time I play. Post H&P I think that we will have too big pool of new cards, to be able to predict accurately, but I completely agree that with the new ICE coming, definitely some influence will get freed up. I have a feeling that Komainu is made for this deck, hopefully having many new Criminal IDs and cards, that would shift the runners away from Parasite, which seems like the absolute bane of Komainu.

Honestly, I was hoping to make the v2.0 prior H&P and I wan't to make between 20-30 games with the deck, so I have absolutely definitive results. However, here in Sofia has been a rather quiet Netrunner month, because we had a huge event on April 5th + Easter holidays and most players are using the time to have a little break from the game before things tighten up for regionals. IF I'm unable to make that amount of games before the expansions kicks out, I'd be posting the v2.0 either in late May or early June.

25 Apr 2014 ulun47

How are you dealing against Account Siphon early game?

25 Apr 2014 Dydra

You mean except ICE-ing up HQ on turn 1 against Criminal? ^^ Throw a Caprice in HQ or/and Hokusai Grid if you draw into them. Usually just 1 successful bid will make them forget about AS-ing you this game. Also if you have Hokusai, he can't siphon you and trash Hokusai and that extra damage works miracles. The other things are really game state dependent . If possible put a heavy taxing ICE on HQ Tollbooth/Ichi 1.0 / Ichi 2.0 instead in front of R&D.

In General if you have your Sundews up and running, and you've replaced the 2x Ronnin with 2x Celebrity Gift, you would should be back on your feet pretty fast.

5 May 2014 Dydra

It seems this deck won 1st place SC in Berlin =)

18 May 2014 ttsgosadow

Tried a version of this deck out today at a tournament. Must say I was struggling for consistancy. Either didnt have money, or missed the window because I didnt have Punitive Counterstrike in hand. I feel that when the game drags on, this deck doesn't shine. Very fun to play though, and caught a couple of people off-guard, with a second turn kill against an anarch :)

18 May 2014 Dydra

I'll upload the 2.0 of the deck tomorrow, currently I'm 12-1 with it ... just saying :P Also I would NOT recommend picking up this deck from the net and going with it in a tournament with 0 games played with it. It's not a beginners deck by a large margin and you need some time and games with it, to be able to play it properly :P

That being said - anticipate tomorrow! =)

9 Jul 2014 lukevanryn

Thanks for your discussion of this deck. There's some good tips in there.

Could you please suggest a more beginner-friendly Jinteki RP deck?

10 Jul 2014 Dydra

@lukevanryn if you want a more beginner-friendly Jinteki RP, I'd recommend either playing some of the Ashe+Caprice decks or checking out my which is a really simple, yet good deck ... it's a bit clunky in that form, but once you get a hang of it how to use Diversified Portfolio+ Encryption Protocols and such move to

11 Jul 2014 lukevanryn

Thanks heaps, I will give each of these decks a workout and take it from there!