Daansgebak - 2nd at German Nats & 1st at König von Deutschl

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This is the deck I piloted to 2nd place at German Nationals 2019 and 1st at the König von Deutschland team event with @dome and @testrunning. The deck is the evolution of the Political Dealings RP list we all know and love, the main difference is that once you score a Flower Sermon the tricks you can pull off are simply supergeil The deck is generally strong against most runners, Apoc is beatable but you need skill and luck to win, Freedom is mostly just horrible. If you liked the NEH deck I posted in the past, you'll love this deck. Also I gave you this TLDR because the rest of the write-up is ... well, quite long.


The deck name is a homage to its two creators. Daans means Danish in Danish, gebak is pastry in Dutch as a reference to both @tugtetgut who gave me the original list that had The Future Perfect instead of Medical Breakthrough and Sandburg and to @Jakuza who helped me refine the list by changing the agendas, taking out the Sandburg and changing the ICE suite slightly. And then I made them into a single word as Jakuza started that trend with his RP lists. danish (Now I made you Hung(a)ry as well, har-har-har)

You mentioned Flower Sermon?

So what can you do with Flower Sermon you wonder? The basics are simple: you can always protect RnD or HQ by hiding a card in one or the other. The agenda really shines when you have Political Dealings and/or Daily Business Show because then you can:

  • After your mandatory draw if you didn't hit an agenda for Dealings you can try again by using a token.
  • At the end of the runner's turn you can put back an agenda on the top of R&D from HQ to draw it with your mandatory draw and install with Dealings.
  • With DBS you draw more cards with Sermon, put some of the new cards on the bottom of the deck (or install with Dealings) and one on the top which you can then on your mandatory draw DBS to the bottom too (was more useful with TFP).
  • Get around Clot by using a token on the runners turn and installing any agendas found.
  • If they run Dealings last click you can still try to find an agenda with using the token.

So yeah, Flower Sermon supercharged the deck.

You changed a Tugtetgut™ deck?!

I know, I know, it's a blasphemy and he's also very disappointed (sorry!). But hear me out. TFP is incredibly hard to score for the deck where Medical Breakthrough gets easier after every copy. It can also shine without Jeeves clicks (and won me a game in swiss and helped with a game in the cut). It's just more agendas you can score and the runner has to steal 4 agendas instead of the usual 3. On the topic of Sandburg I never found myself rich enough with the deck to actually have value out of it, but I can see it being important in some matchups: if Hayley leaves your econ alone and tries to lock the remote while threatening Clot, also against Apoc decks it can make the Apoc turn way more expensive which can buy you crucial turns. So while there is none in the deck one of the Tech Startups could possibly be changed for a Sandburg.

So how do I actually play this deck?

Your main path of victory is usually setting up some form of econ, having rezzed Political Dealings and Jeeves and protecting them (either with ICE or multiple ones installed) and then just scoring the agendas you install with Dealings. Some tips to get there:

  • ICE your early econ! In the first few turns it's difficult to protect all your centrals, so the runners will just go and trash that Sundew or Mumba Temple, so try to ICE some of them. The deck is fairly poor early on and you'll need the money to score.
  • Jeeves, Political Dealings and Team Sponsorship are your most important assets (in that order of priority), try to protect them (either with ICE or by hiding backup copies on the board). You're scoring 4 agendas so the Team Sponsorship triggers actually make a difference.
  • You have 5 Sermon tokens, feel free to burn some to find you cards you need. Once the scoring engine gets rolling you'll probably find another anyway.
  • Doing back-to-back turns of installing 4 remotes and drawing back up are legit as you can use that to slowly overwhelm the runner and spiral the board out of control.
  • If you think you can score a Flower Sermon without using Dealings but protecting it with ICE (or installed naked if you're brave) it's worth a try as scoring it helps a lot with winning.
  • Assets that Tech Startup can search up that you can use right away: Jeeves, Sundew, Mumba Temple, Team Sponsorship and if you use a Sermon token for it, Political Dealings too.
  • If you sense an Apoc deck (usually they just make money in the early turns) double ICE centrals and try to get Tour Guides into the innermost positions. If you can somehow force a Thimbelrig rez you can start swapping around your ICE to position the Tour Guides. Priority order is Archives (for Rebirth into Omar), HQ (for repeated runs to snipe agendas or Wanton) then R&D.
  • I can't stress this enough: protect at least some of your economy.


As you're RP you want ICE that are annoying to bounce off of (Crick) and ones that keep the runner out (Tour Guide). Everything else in the suite is mostly filler and I'm up for any ideas how to change them.

  • Tour Guide and Crick are your best ICE, period.
  • Envelope cannot be used just to bounce and has end the run on it.
  • Thimblerig helps you get your Tour Guides into the right positions.
  • Cortex Lock is a really scary early facecheck. Does nothing later on, but you need the threat of it to keep the runners from running early on.
  • Yagura was originally an Aiki, but none of the two really did anything. At least you can use them to bluff a Cortex Lock or have an outer ICE for DDOS.

Just 1 Snare?

The number of Snares is up for debate, but I like 1. It's enough that the runner has to respect it and you could always put it on top of R&D with a Sermon token once they commit to the access. Also I've killed a runner with it in the first round of the cut on his (I think) 3rd turn. If you ever meet Mark Valles (for example by coming to B·COM) ask him for the story ;)

How did you like German Nats?

It was amazing! We had 75 players from all around Europe and even from the US, 3 days of various Netrunner formats, prizes that included paper crowns, bathrobes, mirror Mirrormorphs, beer based Pālanās, Geist themed booze and more things I can't even remember. The organizing was smooth, the players were awesome as always and it was a very, very good weekend. So huge thanks to everyone who contributed to running the event and of course everyone who attended. The community is the lifeblood of Netrunner and it's always something special when so many of us gather. Please continue organizing, playing and having fun.

How is this write-up still going?

please If you made it so far that means you either really like this deck or my silly write-up. Both suggest that we'd get along well, so make sure to say hi if you see me at a tournament/community event! There are quite a few where people from all around the world gather (Worlds, Euros, UK Nats, German Nats, DomeCon, B·COM to name some) and if you start attending them you can join us in playing the best game in the world and also:

  • Invading pubs (doesn't show in the picture, but there were 70 of us there) pub
  • Posing in Burger King crowns and bath robes aka. do the Royal Dab™ dab
  • Getting introduced to #squatrunner (that's a Slack channel btw) squat

So come to events and have fun with us :)

Last but not least a huge shout-out to the best testing crew in the world, NEW WERLD ERDER! <3

-- percomis KvD

13 Jan 2020 JackMade

Thanks, man. Shoutout right back to you, you are amazing as well!

-- JackMade Trüffelschwein

14 Jan 2020 adquen

You get my like for the Kloppstock gif alone, but I actually enjoyed the whole write-up. ;)

14 Jan 2020 CaptainMark

First of all, congratulations, and thanks for playing the cut game even if it was won in advance! (triple check your decklist, guys).

I'm gonna ask BCOM organizers for a special place on the event where I can explain the story to anyone interested and sign Snares ;)

14 Jan 2020 pspacekitten

Thanks for the shout-out and the memeories.

14 Jan 2020 percomis

@JackMade I hope I made you hungry! :D

@adquen thank you!

@Efildriewthanks! And I think standing on a table in a pub is like the perfect way to do that :D

@pspacekittenalways, thank you for being awesome! :)

14 Jan 2020 Cpt_nice

Hate the deck, love the the write up

14 Jan 2020 Council

Hot damn, awesome finish and writeup Peter!

14 Jan 2020 Jakuza


14 Jan 2020 tzeentchling

Nice deck! For additional Apoc protection, you could swap Yagura out for Engram Flush. Just name event. A S5 code gate is expensive to break these days without D4 in the card pool anymore.

14 Jan 2020 percomis

@tzeentchling I am considering exactly that swap for exactly that reason :D

15 Jan 2020 Saan

This deck is awesome, the changes you've made to it are awesome, and seeing you again was awesome =) See you next month at Domecon!

15 Jan 2020 Jakuza

Congrats on the well deserved highest honor and achievement in ANR: Decklist of the Week.

15 Jan 2020 qvm

Well deserved deck of the week! Enjoy the one week of fame.

16 Jan 2020 Kelfecil

This is my favorite decklist of the week to have ever seen posted on nrdb. Congrats on the placement and on the beautiful list dude! :D

17 Jan 2020 tzeentchling

As a possibility, what about including a single copy of Clones Are Not People? With all those 2-pointers and a lot of ways to cheat out clicks and installs, it could be a quick way to close out unexpectedly.

18 Jan 2020 demoy

I use 2 Hijack Routers in my Anarch deck. Do you think that + running would be enough to pressure you?

3 Feb 2020 percomis

@tzeentchlingProbably not worth the spot, although to cancel Hacktivist without needing to score would be a nice benefit. To be honest you're never too slow with the scoring, especially since swapping out TFPs for the Medicals.

@demoyHijack Routers is very annoying but also maybe a bit too narrow? Like I'd run Hacktivist before I run Routers, but if you really don't like assets, Routers can impact that matchup heavily.