Brimful of Rashida (on the 46) - 3rd at Euros

Nemamiah 3938

I wanted to call this deck 'Tempo Spam' but apparently I'm a boring idiot who doesn't know a good deck name when a well dressed Scotsman slaps me in the face with it.

This is an evolution of my original CtM list and Kenny's much improved refined version. This time we've maximised the tempo game, so gone are any ice that cost more than 3 to rez. Everything except Resistor has a face check, and you can rush behind any of the ice in the early game.

Amani Senai came in because it fits the overall plan of the deck and can either tip close games or utterly lock down games you're winning. It was extremely good all weekend and caused a ton of huge swings. It's not insane to go to two, but I think one copy is the sweet spot.

On that subject, 48 cards in this list were easy to pick but the last one consumed hours of arguments. It ended up being Product Placement, but I won't be cross if you cut it for something else. Another ice or the third DBS were competing for the slot.

You have no late game really taxing ice, so you have to rush hard. It's okay, even encouraged, to push big Hard Hitting News on the runner if the time it would take them to clear the tags threatens to let you score three points. Closed Accounts went back in the deck to help against opponents who decided to keep tags, which was a fairly common reaction.

Thanks to all my opponents for fun games, Kenny for overseas moral support and all the CtM fans who spent many hours discussing every minutae of tuning this list with me.

3 Jun 2018 grogboxer

Everybody needs a Bankers for a pillow, everybody needs a Bankers. MINE'S ON THE 46.

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3 Jun 2018 Saan

Wow, I was joking on stream that your Global Food remote in that last corp game was made of paper, but it looks like all your ICE is pretty paper-y. Still, it seems like a hell of a deck. Grats on your placement =)

3 Jun 2018 Thike

I'm loving this archetype more every time I play it. Congrats on doing so well!

3 Jun 2018 Seamus

This deck name is terrible.

3 Jun 2018 Seamus

This deck name is excellent.

3 Jun 2018 grogboxer


3 Jun 2018 Ollie

Tempo Spam is a much better name ;)

4 Jun 2018 3N1GM4

Played against Tim piloting this deck and it was truly oppressive. I'm no kind of good player, but I've dabbled in the dark arts of CtM and still had no clue what to do against this as I was quickly and systematically taken apart. Congrats!

4 Jun 2018 JDC_Wolfpack

@NemamiahYou missed a great opportunity for your deck name.... "Rashest Decisions"