Now You See Me

inniscor 567

This deck looks to create pressure on HQ while you build up The Turning Wheel counters, Temüjin Contract cash, and build your board to snipe from remotes or peak into R&D. It is comfortable doing either passive turns (four clicks, four wheel tokens, credits on Net Mercur) or setting up for one big run a turn (Temujin, Demolition Run).

This deck is a work in progress still, but I thought I'd publish as I felt it was moderately successful in the first store champ I took it to playing vs three CTMs.

The game plan is to get a board state early where you're running for Temujin credits while gaining draw or credits from Net Mercur (pumping breakers even on empty servers) and gaining draw from Patron. Beth Kilrain-Chang is included because we're Shaper, Cloak, Dagger, because we're stealth, and Houdini and Refractor both because they have slightly different qualities that are good in different games (or phases, see: Escher).

The rest of the cards are mostly econ or tech cards. Feedback Filter and Film Critic are for the Jinteki match up, Networking and New Angeles City Hall for NBN. Plascrete Carapace is for Weyland. I have Artist Colony because Global Foods are a liability, but a well timed NACH can fix that match up if the timing is right.

This deck is fun, and under the right circumstances can be fast. It certainly kept up with a field filled with CTMs where you have to be able to contest, make money, and advance your game plan. I'm still developing the list so I'd love any feedback!

14 Nov 2016 jjjrich1

Great deck! Might became greater with some rnd access

14 Nov 2016 jjjrich1

Event (13) +-1 Demolition Run ●​●​ +-3 Diesel +-3 Dirty Laundry +-2 Employee Strike ●​●​ +-3 Sure Gamble +-1 The Maker's Eye Hardware (5) +-1 Clone Chip ★​ +-2 R&D Interface +-2 The Gauntlet ●​●​ Program (9) +-3 Cloak +-1 Corroder ●​●​ +-1 Dagger +-1 Paricia +-1 Refractor +-2 Self-modifying Code Resource (13) +-1 Artist Colony +-2 Beth Kilrain-Chang +-2 Net Mercur +-1 New Angeles City Hall +-2 Patron +-2 Same Old Thing +-3 Temüjin Contract ●​●​●​●​●​●​

14 Nov 2016 jjjrich1

i've made some change there

networking, turning wheel -> employee strike. we need to deal with ig, and architect tomorrow. our sot will help us to reuse our currunt from breaking news.

3 net murcur ->2. its unique card, and its 40 deck.

  • 1 film critic -> its cause of deckslot. wanna put it if i could.

  • 2 rnd i -> without clot, we still need rnd lock.

  • 1 markers eye -> with sot, it allows us accesss 5 card.

  • 1 plascrete. -> maybe need one, but i thought we can deal with meat damage without it. we got hq access with guntlet, and rnd i. can easilly trash boom and other stuffs. we can ruin their combo with demolition run. its simmilar with anarches using imp rather dan plascret. also, we have cityhall too.

  • 1 houdini. the faction where needs houdini is criminal stealth. they can't afford the stealth credits. but we r scovak, and even don't need ghost runner. that's how much we are rich at stealth with murcur. houdini is not good for power 3 codegate , so i removed it.

  • 1 feedback filter. removed it for deckslot also. we can deal with pu for using employee strike.

  • 1 paricia, ctm is super strong, and we need more preperation.

-1 escher. with guntlet and demo run, we can put pressure on both rnd and hq. that makes escher a little useless, but still its a good card. but deckslots....

14 Nov 2016 jjjrich1

Overall, using every 4 click at turning whell + murcur is very uncummon situation. A single punish ice at remote can ruin it. Thats why i removed wheel and added makers eye and 2 rnd i.

Last i think ur idea of using guntlet and demo run is really bright idea. Trashing their 3 biotic and access 2 remained card is a real fun, hehe. Thx for deck, and happy net running!

I'd love ur feedback also!

14 Nov 2016 inniscor

@jjjrich1 Thanks for the feedback! My thoughts: The Houdini and Escher are probably good drops. I can probably drop one net mercur and add 3 diesels to smooth out the draw since patron can show up late.

Not sure I agree with the rest of the changes. Networking did work when I played this at a store champ yesterday. Easily saved me 15 or 16 credits including at least on 4 tags I couldn't have removed otherwise.

I do struggle with the lack of RND pressure outside of turning wheel, but going to makers eye doesn't work so well with demo which is how I like to close the game. I might try a list with a makers eye splashed in to see if it helps keep up the aggression and focus the demo runs in HQ.

14 Nov 2016 inniscor

I think what I might do is go -1 Escher, -1 Houdini, -1 Same Old Thing, -1 Clone Chip, +3 Diesel, +1 Levy AR Lab Access, +1 The Turning Wheel , -1 Net Mercur and see how that works.

18 Nov 2016 jjjrich1

Here is the a lot fixed version for currunt meta. Ur idea's potentail was real. Plz check it, and i made some views about turning wheel too. Lastly, demo run is a lot effective at hq than rmd, Cuause hand the place where corp gathered their important things.