Quick Strike Val - 2nd @ XPlanet SC in Toronto

lukesim3 468

No Corp wants to get into the late game these days. So going into SC season, @El-Zilcho and I wanted a Val that could quickly put pressure on some of the rushier Corps.

Seeing Turning Wheel and Turtle early helps a lot in that regard, so we slotted 3. Career Fairs keep your credit pool up. No One Home allows you to run vs. tag and bag decks. Hunting Grounds makes IP Block (and Data Raven and Slot Machine and Komainu) tenable, and Employee Strike is great against Mti (and Argus and CtM and Titan).

Slots are tight, so we dropped Mining Accident, and threw in The Archivist as a pseudo replacement.

We landed in 1st and 2nd, so we must have done something right.