Death and Taxes Titan (1st place Indy GNK, 5-1 overall)

Diomedes 121

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I really liked the idea of a hybrid rush/kill/glacier deck so I decided to give this a try! Didn't kill anyone on the day, but HHN and the threat of HPT were great and really pulled their weight. Also death and taxes is just incredible vs crowdfunding, and in some games it easily made me 10+ credits. I know Titan has a rep for being a little brainless, but I thought this was very fun to play and there were a lot of very close and interesting games.

Only changes I made were to sub in 2 Afshar for a Mausolus and a Hortum cause I wanted to use some new cards and figured it would be great vs MaXx. Only faced two MaXx's(same one twice), but either way it was very good for me. Solid HQ defense, and it's a fine gearcheck to throw on a remote early in a pinch or to put on archives late to tax crowdfunding runs.

Round 1 I won vs Leela in a very close game that came down to the final turn, won vs Stabby MaXx round two in another close one, won vs Smoke 6-5 round two in a timed win(after our first game took 50 minutes), and then lost vs Leela round 4. In the cut I won vs the same MaXx and the Leela I played in round one.

Thanks to everyone that came to the tournament, it was easily Indy's biggest one since regionals last year!

29 Apr 2019 lostgeek

Happy to see others try out the deck. I like the idea of trying Afshar. Hortum felt a bit weak a lot of times and you can never find the time to lock out an Aumakua by triple advancing it anyways.

Congrats on the finish!