Multiaccess Showdown (3rd @ Malmö CO 2022)

DoubleK 591

This was my homebrew for Malmö Circuit Opener 2022. It's a Free Spirit that likes to throw big multiaccess haymakers from different angles and usually either wins fast or loses fast in a blaze of glory. My deckbuilding philosophy is "fun first, win second" and this deck represents exactly that.


-Turns 1-3: Draw money and make cards. Against rushy opponents, challenge early remotes with your ID, Botulus, Boomerang and Mayfly if you feel like it.

-Turn 4: Play Climactic Showdown and say "IT'S TIME!". Then slam down any Nyashias and Gachapons you may have.

-Turn 5: Use Climactic Showdown, play any eXers you may have and use Gachapon to find more Deer, more eXer, or Mayfly or Botulus to get through ICE. Then either Jailbreak or Divide and Conquer to access a whole bunch of cards from R&D, HQ or both. If there are Snares, Obokatas, or other nasty stuff, say You've Had Worse and continue accessing cards.

-Turns 6 --> Repeat the above as many times as you can, while challenging any remotes with your ID, Botulus, Boomerang and Mayfly


Try to pull off "The Real Deep Dive" by accessing 8 cards from R&D by piling up Climactic Showdown, a combination of 4 Nyashias / eXers and Jailbreak. It's totally doable with a bit of luck, but more likely you'll be throwing a couple of 5-6 card haymakers throughout the game.


Add Showing Off for some stylish backwards deep-diving and Mad Dash for some extra oomph to your haymakers. I would probably remove an I've Had Worse and/or Gachapon for the slots.


This deck has similar DNA as my Twin-Turbo Adam from a few years ago. Like it's forefather, this deck creates fast and wild games with some climactic moments (pun intended). It's not a consistent top tier deck, but you should be accessing so many cards between turns 5-10 that you usually have a fair chance of winning against most decks. This deck may look like a one-trick pony at first, but it has variety in multiple angles of attack. You can put multiaccess pressure on any central server and react to what the opponent is doing, while also challenging remotes seemingly out of nowhere with the unconventional breaker suite. You don't have much of a long game with this deck though, so throw those wild punches while you can. This means that I don't usually bother clearing tags when playing this deck - embrace the tags and throw more wild multiaccess haymakers while the missiles are locking in on you. If you burn out as a high-profile target, at least you did it in style!

Shoutout to @Bridgeman for hosting a fun circuit opener (and congrats for the win!), to all fellow Netrunners I had the pleasure playing against for the good games, and to @Kagolskab for helping test yet another silly deck :)

Thanks for reading and Always Be Running!

4 Jul 2022 Cliquil

This is great, looks like a blast!

6 Jul 2022 Bridgeman

I love how all in this looks :D Thanks for coming to play!