Uncorrodably Blue v0.1

vor_lord 194

I've always liked @CrimsonWraith's Uncorrodable deck using GRNDL (he credits Azeltir with the idea). This is an attempt to use Blue Sun to do the same. Blue Sun offers a more robust economy, which is where the older deck sometimes suffered (particularly siphon recovery).

With 3x Power Shutdown, 3x Will-o'-the-Wisp, and 3x Interns, you can make most runs cost an icebreaker. The hope is that this opens scoring windows.

I can't imagine this deck without Targeted Marketing. In one game, this got me 40 credits. Now that there is at least one good runner current (Itinerant Protestors), there's even more reason to have it handy.

Elizabeth Mills is for Valencia, and removing bad pub from Hostile Takeover. Executive Boot Camp is for getting Mills when you need her, and also offers a Blackmail counter on its own. These are flex/meta-dependent slots. I thought of using Chronos Project, but since Will-o'-the-Wisp doesn't put programs in the heap, it didn't seem a good fit.

I didn't think of anything from O&C that seemed to fit.

This hasn't been tested yet -- feedback is always welcome.

11 Mar 2015 ttsgosadow

Thanks for sharing. Upping Archer to three can open room for a Twinned Archer. Also when I am going to try this type of deck, I would love to include Corporate Troubleshooter -> think you can break that sentry? Think again trash trash :D

11 Mar 2015 voltorocks

While I am forced to admit that BS is probably the way to go here (it's basically the NEH of weyland) I think there's room in this archetype to try titan transnational: the added influence and never-advance scoring style could work very well here.

EBC is a decent include, but I think Elizabeth Mills might be overkill. With the Whole Idea(tm) of Uncorrodable being breaker lockout instead of taxing, the main threat Valencia poses is Blackmail, which EBC alone deals with handily.

I like the Sagittarius splash: are you able to fire it very often? BP-free grim is very enticing, but traces always make me nervous.

Last but not least, with 3x ice wall and 3x wraparound covering the :cheap barriers" slots pretty well, along with the BS ability to get refunds as-needed, would Hive or Fire Wall be a beefier include than Paper Wall? I know I just said the point of the deck isn't to tax, but a little taxing never hurt anybody :D

11 Mar 2015 sruman

Why the HB program trashers over Grim? If you have mills the the BP shouldn't be that bad and you have plenty of other things to pick up with your HB ability.

Also, although BS is a rich corp, your money engine(s) seem a bit brittle outside hedge fund. Oversight AI's can be trashed (more and more runners prep for it) and someone might just refuse to play the card you targeted marketed (e.g. running cerebus over corroder, etc.). Neither of these are going to happen most the time but still would make me worry about the money needed to rez those serious ice. One suggestion, swap out a sagittarius (it's money hungy to make it hit, needing ice cost + 3 trace credits) for another ice and try to fit in an Adonis for that disgusting Blue Sun trick of infinite Adonis

11 Mar 2015 vor_lord

@ttsgosadow let me know how the The Twins / Archer thing goes. I've got experience with my Foundry/Twins deck, and I'm not sure how well it will work here. You'll never land it twice unless it is to the runner's advantage because of the end the run subroutine. But once you've got it set up they have to deal with double Archer eventually or be locked out, so it could work. I also like the idea of threatening the Archer by rezzing the Twins (even if you don't have another Archer). If I was going for Archer as a Twins target, I'd shift the agendas a bit and get a third Hostile Takeover.

@voltorocks I think your suggestions about Mills make sense. It just feels so good to make Valencia a blank 50/15 identity when you can get her out soon enough. But you're right, bad pub isn't the real problem for this deck, it's Blackmail.

Paper Wall was great in the last deck for that early Wisp, but the economic profile of this version is different. As far as Sagittarius, it's a tradeoff with Grim. It'll cost me no more than 3 extra credits to land a program trash compared to Grim, but I can move it around with Blue Sun (and the bad pub on Grim makes that less appealing, even if this deck doesn't mind bad pub that much).

What do you think of:

11 Mar 2015 vor_lord

@sruman Adonis Campaign! Definitely need to make room for that. I'm still trying to decide between Grim/Sagittarius, and whether or not I have Mills will probably be the deciding factor. I have also been worried about the economy without Restructure, so your suggestions make sense.

11 Mar 2015 FarCryFromHuman
11 Mar 2015 vor_lord

No synergy with the deck's core functionality. Will-o'-the-Wisp requires a successful run.

11 Mar 2015 voltorocks

Good call regarding D4v1d - especially with e3 looking better and better in a lot of Leela/other builds, there may be spare tokens to go around.

personally, I think Sagittarius is a good swap for grim in blue sun - the increased rez cost is a non factor in BS and the lack of bp is important in BS also. If I were going to change something, it would be targeted marketing (and something else?) for an Adonis or two. Targeted Marketing is one of those cards that is great when people haven't played against it, but wily players will easily limit you to one fire at most - and even 10 credits isn't that great when you consider you don't get it until the runner is ready for you to have it.

Any thoughts on Wormhole? it has been discussed elswhere why one-of code gates aren't ideal in uncorrodable, but I suspect this beast might be the exception to that rule. especially since they can so easily flip-flop between nasty gear check and monstrous program destroyer (that is immune to sharpshooter!) it might be worth looking at (especially in BS, who can afford to rez them at full price)

12 Mar 2015 vor_lord

I published a new version here.