Regional Winner, Vancouver BC, 6/18/2016 Please Ban

bluebird503 1966

This is a completely original deck idea that I came up with all by myself. Someone famous stole it from me or something I think. Instead of talking about my games or the deck, I'm just gonna go on a small rant.

I really don't think that this deck is healthy for the environment. I did not drop a game with it, although I came close. I enjoy playing the IG ping people to death version, but that deck felt like it was more capable of losing. This one feels like it is actually a better deck with the scoring out strategy, and is less susceptible to people trying to slow play you. I went 6-0 with this on the day, getting to play it 3 times in the cut which is just silly(compare this to LA where I didn't get to play my museum deck in the cut and got 7th). I scored out 3 times and flat lined 3 times I believe. I think the best strategy against the deck is to get lucky or get a really really good whizzard draw. I wish you all the best of luck playing against it.

I really do hope something changes before gencon, it was nice winning some regionals this year with museums but the novelty has worn off. I'd rather the community stay interested in the game and not be scared away from traveling for events because they feel the meta sucks.

On the bright side this was my first time winning a tournament as weyland, and it was my first time playing scorched earth in an event. Scorching someone feels good even when you do silly things to do it I can see the appeal.

19 Jun 2016 grogboxer

Congrats Kyle!!

And please, FFG, consider banning the things that make this deck work. :(

19 Jun 2016 ANRguybrush

please ban

Agreed. IG is a pain to play against, but the first time I tried against a gagarin deck like this was the first time I ever consired quitting netrunner. I'm kinda surprised there is only one salem's in this deck, playing two salems every turn is op as hell and makes people concede very quickly.

That being said, it's hard not to hate the player and hate the game. After all, we can all decide not to play this deck. So congratz I guess...

19 Jun 2016 podoboyz99

@bluebird503 was nice enough to show me his new homebrew right before the tournament, and I was able to piolet it to fifth as well. Can confirm it needs to be banned.

19 Jun 2016 grogboxer

"After all, we can all decide not to play this deck. So congratz I guess..." I understand that feeling-- it's common on other forums like Reddit, for instance-- but the fact of the matter is that people aren't playing this and IG Bioethics lock just to be jerks or to bore you to death. These decks win a LOT. They win games, they win tournaments, they win Regionals. This isn't a baseless assertion-- in the tournaments these decks are played, they tend to do extremely well. If you want to win, why wouldn't you play it?

When Museum first came out, people just played it to bore you to death. Then cards like MCH came out to make it intolerable. Either or both need to be straight banned and not just MWL. It's not even a case of "hate the game" because this isn't a game-- games are fun.

19 Jun 2016 ren666

Museum alters one of the fundamental ideas of Net Runner – that the game is essentially on a 40-50 turn clock. That being the Corp deck ticking over at 1 card per turn.

The clock is so elegant, it’s a core function of how Net Runner was originally designed. Perhaps even its MOST IMPORTANT design mechanic. The Corp has a limited time frame to advance its game plan. The Corp cannot sit back forever.

Museum breaks this fundamental rule. It turns off the clock.

The clock needs to be in place to ensure that you are always moving towards an end state. It’s a simple, in-built mechanic to give the game a specific window of time to play.

And as the clock ticks over, both players see that an end point is coming and adjust play accordingly, counting agenda points, makings riskier and bolder runs, and bluffs, as the clock ticks down…

Ban Museum? It shouldn’t even have existed in the first place.

19 Jun 2016 grogboxer

Yes, I guess another conversation about Museum isn't going to help anything. I just want this thing to be DotW so people finally understand that these aren't just jank curiosities, they're extremely powerful and good decks that are horrible for the game.

20 Jun 2016 TrungusWungus

Please ban, it was so painful to see cards coming out of the deck and breakneck speeds, consistently moving further and further away from you.

20 Jun 2016 moistloaf

But this ain't really a Weyland deck ;) grats on the win

20 Jun 2016 bluebird503

@moistloaf fair enough

20 Jun 2016 HatsuneMiku

I think the mumba alliance system is totally rubbish design. Museum and Temple really should go into MWL

20 Jun 2016 WildM

I agree, Museum is just wrecking the meta currently. I can't see anything fixing that without making decks that specifically beat Museum.

Great concept, though!

23 Jun 2016 pandaman64

I just don't understand the headspace of the designers. Museum and mumba temple came out in the same cycle, and are both practically tailor made for asset spam deck types. How did that slip by testing?

I mean, 19 of the cards this deck is using (~%40) are from this cycle. And part of that's only because of agendas and ice. Come on.

24 Jun 2016 bkirz

My guess is that Salsette Slums was more effective at keeping the deck in check during testing.

28 Jun 2016 bluebird503

Yeah I'm not sure what went wrong, i'm currently winning competitive/SHL games with custom biotics museums... so something did :P