Ken Goes Fast

Tsgstarwars 144

Being published to link as an example ken deck, the main plan is just run everything and hope you win before you burn out. DDoS siphon can just end games, and you've got so much money you can probably get enough accesses to rush out.

22 Jun 2016 Tsgstarwars

The DDoS also could be exchanged for Apocalypse, since apocalypse is just so good.

23 Jun 2016 pandaman64

Nah, I'd say DDos as a 3 of is pretty much where its at, since it enables runs. If you can find room for a 1 of apocalypse, that'd be great, but I don't think it's good to take out any DDoS's. There is also the issue of what you do post apocalypse though, since you're breakers get turned face down.

Not sure you need Prepaid here if you're already running Public terminal and desperado. I'd probably cut 'em for a third desperado and-- I don't know. Something else. Notoriety might be cute.

Uncertain how good emergency shutdown is here. Not saying cut it, but it's a card I'd look at and pay attention to if it's a major player in games.

Crisium grid is like the plague to this deck. Consider making room for feint?