Nothin Fancy Palana

Redino987 336

Nothin fancy here, Palana continues to do its thing. Build a taxing remote, use ETR effects, score agendas. Repeat.

I did get the accolade of "Top Jinteki", but that was easy since I was the only one.

Recently I brought this to the first In-Person SC in NYC and it went 2-2:

Round 1 vs Sanjay

Won vs Maxx - Played carefully to avoid ice destruction and scored out

Round 2 vs Rongydoge

Loss vs 419 - He got 2 early Rezeki and always had enough money to enter the remote and take my agendas.

Round 3 vs Arcgate

Won vs Val - Once the remote is up and running it gets taxing. Also its hard if breakers dont show up in a 50 card deck

Round 4 vs Groenkaaf

Loss Vs 419 - Stole an early Obo, made some good HQ accesses, and ate an Anansi for the final steal (I exposed a Sandbox then advanced it twice when I should have payed the 419 tax and bluffed it as an Obo)

1 Jul 2021 ThePatrician

Do you find Preemptive 'better' than Genotyping?

1 Jul 2021 Redino987

Yea, I prefer Preemptive Action over Genotyping for sure. I have never cared about using Preemptive as a terminal before, plus it gives an extra card and doesn't cost any credits.