GAME CHANGER!!!! (5th place Bratislava regionals)

ToThBeBe 616

Turns out, infinite scoring combos are nice :)

16 Jul 2018 binnet

I was trying Arella with Reconstruction Contract and Dedication Ceremony. It works too but they are so expensive on influence that you can't run multiple copies. I think this is better. Some very nice synergies with Fast Break and Arella Scoring server and Domestic Sleepers.

16 Jul 2018 binnet

I know Clot is not common these days but do you think a 1 off CVS would be a usefull include? I know it's possible to score an agenda in a single click before the runner has a window for paid abilities but that won't always be enough.

16 Jul 2018 ToThBeBe

@binnet My plan against clot was to have enough clicks to purge the same turn :D But yeah 1 Cyberdex Virus Suite could be a good idea I just have no idea what to cut for it. I also want a 3rd Fast Break as well, but I couldnt say what to cut for it. Also definitely play Bifrost Arrays instead of the Research Grants as The Future is Now's ability is great during the combo and it gets you 3 more of that :)