Fisky Buisness

Valranoth 351

Titan Transnational and Haas-Bioroid Announce Strategic Relationship

In an effort to aid citizens of New Angeles, Titan Transnational has announced a set of sweeping measures in the wake of the 23 Seconds incident.

The most immediate of these measures, an expansion to Titan's Affordable Loan Solution Program, is aimed to help Low- and Moderate-Income homebuyers. The intent is to providing a path to rebuilding credit to those displaced by the recent market crash.

In anticipation of these new homebuyers, Titan CEO Anson Rose announced a commercial partnership with the Oaktown branch of Haas-Bioroid. The newest Fenja-brand bioroids will be deployed en masse to aid in the reconstruction effort, at no cost to the city of New Angeles. These aren't the only bioroids being deployed, however, according to embedded sources. Jotun-brand bioroids have been seen patrolling the streets alongside Argus Security personnel. Haas-Bioroid has declined to comment directly on the matter.

This announcement was accompanied by Titan's third-quarter report, which didn’t immediately reveal earnings or revenue. Instead, it linked to another press release detailing better-than-expected gains...


"Friday, stop the stream."

The digital assistant stopped the financial news stream. Without it, you could hear the sound of the ocean from the open windows. Sunlight filtered into the luxury apartment through hanging silks that waved in the ocean breeze.

"Better than expected?" muttered Laramy Fisk, taking a sip of his mimosa. "Friday, how much is left in the Khantract stipend?"

The AI responded cheerily, still equipped with the Miranda Rhapsody voicepack he'd made when they were dating. It'd been six months, and he hadn't the heart to change it.

"There are still 8000 credits available on the contract from Titan Transnational. The stipulations state that credits will only be dispensed in exchange for sharing server vulnerabilities on Titan Transnational's headquarters."

"Right, right." It was written like a security penetration contract, but had conditions to allow free reign if he could get into their servers. Khan assured him that it was completely legal, but it still cost a pretty penny to have his lawyers draft it. In his opinion, it'd more than paid for itself. "Sounds like I need to pay them a visit."

Putting the glass down, he made his way to the closet. Filled with only the finest smartfabric suits money could buy, there was one for every corporation he'd ever visited. He was popular among middle-managers with more money than sense, the short-sighted folks that let greed get the better of them. The collection of BMI compatible outfits was a personal mark of pride for him.

"Friday, make an appointment for another seminar with Titan Transnational." He picked a dark green suit. The designer claimed that it was the same cut used by Jack Weyland during his press releases, back when he still ran the Consortium. It worked like a charm among the dour faces at Titan. "I should still be on the books from last time."

"Understood. Will that be all?"

"Verify the integrity of that bioroid data from last night." Andromeda's soiree had been enlightening. Who'd have thought there'd be a hacking bioroid? Just more proof that job security was a dying ideal, even in the underworld. "Once it's clear, install it on my rig."

"Understood. Will that be all?"

"Yes." He looked at himself in the mirror. The suit fit perfectly, complementing his profile. He flared the collar of his shirt, casually pitching adages for the investment seminar.

"The secret to investment is networking."

The mesh network woven into the cloth linked up with his glasses, providing him all the access he needed to his hacking rig.

"Timing is everything."

It really was. He'd done the legwork, pressured their remote holdings, and made himself rich in the process. All that was left was to break in, sift through the garbage and find the truth of Titan's dealings.

"When in doubt, run and find out."

28 Oct 2016 Walker Net Ranger

First of all, A+ on the write-up.

Second, I have a very similar build in Silhouette currently. Without having to give up Desperado for Logos, there isn't a convenient way to find the truth on demand, so I figure the smaller deck size is particularly helpful there. Plus I think Silhouette's ID complements this directive perhaps as well as Fisk, unless Stealth Operative is overdoing it? Testing will tell.

In any case, I really want to find room for 3x Deuces Wild like you have here, but I really find that Datasucker is too strong to pass over, with the likes of Passport, Mongoose, and especially Peregrine in the rig, Have you had taxing-to-break issues here, even with the money from Temüjin Contract?

Also have you had any issues building a rig with no Special Order?

Thanks in advance for the feedback!

30 Dec 2016 Valranoth

Hey! Sorry for the slow response.

Thanks for the compliment! I'll work on more write-ups for non-janky decks in the future. :)

As for the deck itself, there are issues with taxing-to-break ice. The breakers aren't the best, and the Fisk ID only works when you're getting into central servers. Since people have taken to protecting their archives to stop Khantract, it weakens Fisk. And yeah, there was plenty of clicking to draw in this deck, even with FIS.

One alternative that I've been testing is running a variant of the deck out of Geist. The draw from the ID is enough to find one copy of FtT. And since it's Geist, I can save influence from Desperado to slot in Equivocation and Rebirth. Equivocation allows for you to dig 3 cards deep once you Rebirth (FtT into Fisk draw, the Equivocation trigger, then access top card).

31 Dec 2016 Walker Net Ranger

Oh yeah, Equivocation seems like a blast with Fisk as well. I do like the idea of a Deck-by-deck runner that actually has to do more running than a DLR deck.

Probably a weaker use of influence than Find the Truth, but it really does double down on the ID ability that Fisk brings to the table.