YOU'RE FUCKED - I won a game with this deck

MrHuds0n 1164

Okay now hear me out. I took this deck to a GNK today because I so desperately had no idea what Runner to play that I literally built this at 6am before catching the bus. After the entire tournament I gotta say that Exile's only purpose currently is for jank deckbuilders to come up with engines that are good.. but would just work better in Hayley.

I do genuinely think that this engine has potential though and I will probably attempt to build something workable around it... but probably it's gonna be in an ID that aint shit.

That said, let's bring on the memes and explain why you're fucked



Disclaimer: I did actually win a game with this deck so I technically know what I'm talking about.

This deck is designed to run around a very simple engine involving two cards: Paperclip and Aesop's Pawnshop.

  • Run, encounter a Barrier, install Paperclip from your heap, draw a card.
  • At the start of your next turn sell Papercip to Aesop.

Now an acute observer (or anyone who took basic arithmetic for that matter) will notice that this makes us lose a credit. So right now the net gain is -1 credit. Pretty shit. So to fix that we use Sahasrara and Cybsoft MacroDrive to install Paperclip on the cheap and also the Charizard for the combo to eventually net us 4 credits, 1 card for the cost of 0 clicks.

Generally by the time we manage to assemble this engine we're fucked, as explained by the following graph that I stole from tvtropes:


Now that you understand the basic premise of the deck let me walk you through the card choices

  • Atman - Didn't install it once, it's way too expensive for the early stages of this deck. I thought it was gonna be a good solution against HB. Turns out I played against 3 Jintekis (PE, PU and Biotech) and 1 NBN (CtM).

  • Cyber-Cypher - Should have been Gordian Blade, really.

  • Mimic and Sadyojata - I'm considering these two in the same section because there are only a handful of Sentries that are strength 4+ and cannot be broken by Sadyojata. Probably the best deva all around to be honest. If you decide to run those though, probably want a Sharpshooter as well.

  • Paperclip - mvp

  • Cache - Good money if I get Aesop's before I get the rest of the engine to keep him busy. At max a single Cache can earn you 7 credits (Charizard+Cybsoft+Aesop) which is quite good.

  • Sahasrara - gets me Paperclip for free. Eventually.

  • Charizard - free money, but you cri evritim when they have Archangel.

  • Self-modifying Code - I hear it's a pretty okay shaper card.

There isn't much draw here since Patron generally does the job really well, Diesels are good for a start and after that your draws should be fueled by your engine (if they aren't you're fucked). If you change this deck to some other ID though you probably want at least some additional draw.

Most of the econ here is supplied by Aesop's, Casts, Cache, Temujins and Tech Writers. Although to be honest I think Tech Writers were mostly fodder for Aesop.

Multi-access is done with R&D Interface and it's shit (too expensive), should have gone with something else. Indexing perhaps.

Employee Strike is generally a tech against particularly annoying IDs. Turning wheel is good because it fuels during situations when we repeatedly faceplant into Vanilla to get free money.

alt (random dog gif for decklist of the week)

Now for the cards that I should have included but didn't.

  • Black Orchestra - you were probably wondering the fuck are the LLDS processors doing there. Well they were here for the BO but I forgot to take them out when I took out the BO. The problem is, I really should have kept in the orchestra and tossed something else instead. When the opponent just refuses to leave open barriers, you're fucked so it's nice to have a backup.

  • A better console than Mirror - For a while (about 45 seconds) I was legitimately considering The Toolbox as the console, however there really isn't anything amazingly good for this deck. The other things I considered were Astrolabe, Logos, Box-E, Reflection, Dinosaurus and Maya.

  • Fan Site+Artist Colony tutoring engine. This deck really lacks any sort of acceleration and I think this would help out a lot.

  • New Angeles City Hall - srsly fuck ctm

  • Film Critic - srsly fuck pe

  • Levy AR Lab Access - I decked myself in every game so I probably should have found two slots for Levy and SOT. Also they're pretty good with Caches.

So yeah. I hope you aren't gonna get fucked, because this thing is INCREDIBLY fun to play. Needs fixes though.

Edit: Oh, fuckbiscuits, this actually got decklist of the week. If you like it, you probably also want to check out the second version.

22 Oct 2016 RubbishyUsername

Weirdly, I've been thinking about this exact combo at the moment. I've even played a game with it. Some reccomendations, in this order: Scavenge, more Clone Chips, that Levy AR Lab Access, Astrolabe and like maybe one mem chip because you're aesoping half the programs you use (think Pre-paid Kate) and a cheeky Deus X/Panchatantra combo because installing breakers for cheap with Sahasrara and then recurring them when they break is pretty good, at least over that crazy Sadyojata thing. Don't play Cybsoft MacroDrive (I mean, Technical Writer just has to be better for you here, right? Sahasrara will likely eat up your install credits anyway), and I'd personally avoid LLDS Processor for deckslot reasons.

Having said that, you have a gif and a photoshopped picture with a Netrunner character in it, which I'm fairly certain means that you're already hitting 20 likes.

22 Oct 2016 Jcree8

Well I only read to "pawnshop/paper clip" engine that was enough of a laugh to get a like from me.

23 Oct 2016 yosempai


23 Oct 2016 Greasythumb

Unfortunately, CTM has the special ability "Printed just after Jesminder", and thus is immune to tag-avoiding effects.

23 Oct 2016 MrHuds0n

Well Exile is now second in the shaper category.

23 Oct 2016 Tsgstarwars

I actually have a very similar deck built right now, just with chameleon instead of back up breakers and even more recurring credits with the LLDS processors.

If your opponent is playing a stupid deck too,it's actually an awesome deck to play, and super fun!

25 Oct 2016 magikot

I feel that Quality Time would be better for digging into your deck than Cybsofts, you already have the Sahasrara to install programs. Even with Diesel, Hoppers, and Patrons, Exile is greedy for card draw because he needs to get his engine online ASAP.

I think Chameleon would do better than Sady and Mimic for sentries. There aren't any with strength more than 6 that see regular play. This would free up deck slots and influence for another Clone Chip.

Cyber Cypher is good in Exile, but it needs scavenge support.

29 Oct 2016 MrHuds0n

Well, this is deck of the week. Somehow. I'm waiting for a phone call from @CodeMarvelous now.

1 Nov 2016 tvaduva

Needs more Wastelands. Works with the combo, probably need to drop Tem├╝jin Contracts and Mimic and either Employee Strike or The Turning Wheel to get enough influence for 3x.

You could be gaining 6 credits and a draw whenever you install then sell Clippy.

2 Nov 2016 BertusB

Hi @MrHuds0n,

let me start by saying that I played a couple of rounds on with your deck, and it has rekindled my enthusiasm for the game. For the last couple of card sets that came out, I've been having the feeling that I've been too slow for the metagame, and I just wasn't having fun anymore. Your deck changed that, so thanks. I did make a couple of changes to the deck, going on your comments and a couple of ideas on my own.

3 Deuces Wild

3 Dirty Laundry

2 Levy AR Lab Access

2 Astrolabe

2 R&D Interface

2 Sports Hopper

3 Aesop's Pawnshop

2 Artist Colony

1 Beth Kilrain-Chang

3 Daily Casts

3 Fan Site

1 New Angeles City Hall

2 Patron

3 Technical Writer

1 Black Orchestra

1 GS Shrike M2

1 Paperclip

1 Clot

3 Sahasrara

3 Scheherazade

3 Self-modifying Code

I removed the Diesels for Deuces Wild, and although you lose two credits, the click economy you get back more than makes up for it. I've added Dirty Laundry too, simply because it goes well with Patron.

Two Levies is not always enough with no Same Old Thing in the deck, especially against damage decks both copies often end up in the bin.

I've added New Angeles City Hall, Artist Colony and Fan Site like you suggested, and they've saved my bacon from clutch situations more than once; very good includes.

I added GS Shrike M2 as my sentry breaker, simply because Mimic sometimes does not cut it, and it goes well with the extra link on Sports Hopper sometimes, which is nice (but was not planned for at all).

I went for three copies of both Sahasrara and Scheherazade, and I've never been in real money trouble at all.

Finally, I had two influence leftover, so I added a Clot, but without Clone Chips it hasn't done anything for me just yet.

The deck plays fast and has a surprisingly short setup time when you look at the pieces you need, and its always nice to give our boy Exile another spin.

So in conclusion: please take the 6am bus to the next GNK and build a Corp deck that is just as fun.

Thanks again!

2 Nov 2016 MrHuds0n

So in conclusion: please take the 6am bus to the next GNK and build a Corp deck that is just as fun.

See my profile for more decklists, there are quite a few interesting things there.