Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

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Every day, millions of pounds of waste are added to our worlds' landfills, and a large portion of that is due to the practices of major corporations. Our environment cannot sustain the continued damage caused from corporate waste and the reprehensible acts performed by anti-corporate terrorists. Today, Jinteki is announcing a Waste Reduction Initiative, with cooperation from Jackson Howard of NBN and our friends at Haas-Bioroid.

In the coming term, we will implement widespread policies of recycling across the corporation, and we will be directing portions of our profits to getting more work out of the equipment we already have in place. In addition, we plan to reduce the waste caused by the destructive actions of irresponsible citizens, both through enhanced protection as well as proactive measures.

We hope that you will join Jinteki in our efforts to protect the environment, and we call on other corporations to rise to the challenge. Together, we can help keep our worlds beautiful places to live.