Earth Station Mushin (4-0 at CO Prize-A-Palooza)

CrimsonWraith 3607

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Having not played in a few months, I wanted to pilot something familiar while dabbling in the new set. I felt this deck was quite reminiscent of the Blue Sun Off the Grid Mushin archetype, which I have plenty of experience with in the past. mathandlove initially built the deck, I made a few tweaks, and we both played similar versions at the event. His only Corp loss was to Omar, which has a decided advantage against this. I ended up going undefeated on the Corp side against Express, Gabe, MaxX, and Az. All four wins were flatlines. Played a casual rematch against Az and won by scoring out.

17 Jan 2020 gilesdavis

Huh? Mushin wont work as it's limit one remote right?

20 Jan 2020 CrimsonWraith

Don't ice the remote, you Mushin into your only remote.