Yoghurt Fight - 50% Extra Free! (2nd at Euros)

Nemamiah 3938

There... really isn't very much to say about this list. It's the standard Argus that has been going round the UK since basically forever. One Afshar is in because that card is pretty good, and a second Archer is back because Stabby MaxX took a bullet. We briefly discussed playing a Tithonium but decided that idea was just too outrageously extravagant to justify.

Alex suggested cutting the third NGO Front, on the basis that you usually want to be cycling agendas through your remote instead of economy. The third Economic Warfare came in because it's usually part of your very best early draws and multiples are even better than one. It proved a good change in practice.

Argus is placed as well as any Corp is at the moment, which is to say not very. On the plus side your games are quick and tend to be interesting, and it's still very good at punishing off beat runner decks or misplays.

6 Jun 2019 SimonMoon

"It's the standard Argus that has been going round the UK since basically forever"


Glad to see the treacherous Brits are still out there stealing deck valor from North America. Have you no shame?

6 Jun 2019 Nemamiah

@SimonMoon *valour

7 Jun 2019 SimonMoon
7 Jun 2019 SimonMoon

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7 Jun 2019 CryOfFrustration

I favourited this list because of the conversation above.

8 Jun 2019 creditzathotmail

i drew the nuts against jason deng

17 Jun 2019 Saan

I took this list to the Berlin regionals and took first with it!

American beats Germans with a UK list cribbed from America.

This truly is a multi-national game.

19 Jun 2019 boreira

@Saan u beat one Polish in the top cut as well ;)