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What makes a prison deck?

I do.

Back again, this time in a non-IG Jinteki, Replicating Perfection. This deck's goal is to beat runners down with Bio-Ethics and lock them out with strong, punishing ICE they are forced to encounter from the ID. I'm making this switch from IG to RP because I genuinely think it's the strongest choice. I've tried prison in almost every ID it can be in, and after hundreds of games on IG, the game feels like a breeze now with this old ID. It shores up many weaknesses, and actively creates huge strengths on top of it.

Here's the key points:


Troublesome Runners, and How To Deal:
  • Slums is a problem. Sacrifice an Agenda, and destroy it with Voter Intimidation. Even if you wiff on it, you'll usually get a few more tries with Clone Suffrage Movement.

  • Feedback Filter can prove problematic. Luckily, most runners can only really stay afloat, and cant advance a boardstate very rapidly. Just ping them down with Fumiko and Voter Intimidation, as it deals Meat rather than Net. Alternatively, you can use Sandburg and Chiyashi to score out over a couple turns, especially since RP naturally counters Sifr against remotes.

  • Siphons are easy to dodge, since almost all your assets cost money to rez. Should never really be a worry.

  • Ice Destruction isn't too painful, as Hostile Infrastructure tax runners for it, and Friends in High Places only allows them to capitalize for 3 clicks before it's back.

  • Criminals are largely countered by RP, because the ID makes Security Testing and Temujan much harder to abuse. Power Tap decks, however, you have to approach differently. Your first priority is to try to prevent a successful run on a central server to negate their DLR from ever becoming a problem. Komainu can also help with with enough strength boost, as it'll wipe the DLR form their hand. If you can't catch them in that time, good 'ol Voter Recursion saves the day again. You can and will out vote the Fall Guys. Rushing Bio-Ethics in this matchup is advisable.

  • Whizzard. Just Cerebral Static and News Now Hour. Hostile Infrastructures to shore up the ICE, then jam away with Bio-Ethics.

In Conclusion:

Like I said, RP is the new deck for asset spam. In my time playing this sort of deck, I'm amazed with the results I've gotten from this. It's resilient, active, and absolutely grinds unprepared runners. You almost always have options which accelerate you greatly, and once your engine is up and running, you cannot be brought back down.

25 Jan 2017 AkAnderson

Thanks for taking the effort to make a new deck that counters the current runners you are seeing. I will be sure to give this a try.

25 Jan 2017 dormio

How do you win?

25 Jan 2017 Sanjay

Have you had a chance to have any bananas turns with NASX yet? Seems like with all the Turtlebacks you could do some gross things with Tech Startup triggering NASX bunches of time in one turn.

25 Jan 2017 BizTheDad

Having had the pleasure of losing to you playing, I can only say the following: I hate you all over again.

25 Jan 2017 Friff14

I've noticed a trend. Decks where @AkAnderson is the first commenter tend to become tier 1 shortly thereafter. Look out world, this is it.

That might be because he mostly comments first on @shmeguy and @yeoda's decklists, but that doesn't change that it's true.

26 Jan 2017 icecoldjazz

Things that probably have a good matchup against this:

  1. Whizzard
  2. SIFR + Parasite
  3. Account Siphon
  4. Basically any criminal (Temujin/Sec Test/Desperado)
  5. Bonus points for any of the above + Employee Strike

Things people are playing right now:

  1. See above

You've only got eight ice, so getting at least one on all centrals (and affording to rez them) seems really difficult. Andy/Whizzard can just trash any assets that you play. before you really get a chance to use them, suffering at worst a net damage or two.

In that vein, this deck doesn't have any plan to win the game. No Caprice, and not really any ICE you could score behind, and only one agenda you could never-advance leaves killing the Runner as this deck's only option, which is simply not going to happen against any opponent that knows not to faceplant your ICE.

In conclusion: 2/10, would not play.

@chill84, please come out of retirement. This is Trump's America, and you're the hero we need.

26 Jan 2017 Parzival

So what do you do when they blow up your ice? You may be able to reinstall it, but you definitely won't be able to rez it.

26 Jan 2017 rojazu

I have come accross this deck once in the wild and found it really challenging to compete once clone suffrage and friends had been recurred for a couple of turns. Before that however controlling it was ok due to the low ice count on centrals. That version had sensies however which gave them the acceleration they needed to find those pieces early.

26 Jan 2017 AkAnderson

I think even Whizzard would have a hard time trashing everything here, especially if Static is on. If there isn't a slums out then it's only temporary, anyway. Only 2/8 agendas in the deck are friendly to the runner, so even having centrals open isn't the worst, other than it's easier to run remotes afterwards. I might mess with the ice a bit, just to make that penalty a little easier to enforce.

26 Jan 2017 BizTheDad

@AkAnderson, I wholeheartedly agree with your statement. I played against this deck with Whizzard: Master Gamer and I ended up losing even though I'd removed all the Bio-Ethics Association, two of the Hostile Infrastructure and a ton of other cards. The biggest problem I ran into was dealing with the constant recurring of Voter Intimidation. That allowed the constant trashing of my resources. After playing that game I came to the conclusion that this deck is VERY tough to beat no matter what you do.

26 Jan 2017 TheBigBoy

I played against this. He had static turn 1 vs my whiz and all 3 of my strikes were in the bottom 20 cards. I never felt like I was losing. Just be patient. I made sure to pop SoT levy even with 10 cards left so i was safe from the voter intim that I saw. I can honestly say I don't get it. Without the IG ability, Whiz tears you apart. Once strike comes down it's over.

26 Jan 2017 orcorama

I built a similar concept with bio-ethics and hostiles, but had a lot more ice towards a more typical RP and plan to score out. Just using the damage plus ELP as tempo. It's worked pretty well for me. Whizzard is a hard matchup but slums just destroys it. It'd be interesting to focus more on killing the runner rather than taxing them out.

26 Jan 2017 rojazu

It seems to me the entire deck hinges around using friends over and over and if they cannot trash more assets than you keep putting out you will slowly grind them down. The lynchpin is clone suffrage once that is removed (slumsed) the deck loses its ability to recur the recursion (the parallel is MCH in IG54), having 2 seems like a sensible idea.

26 Jan 2017 TheBigBoy

You can just trash CSM every time it's recurred.

26 Jan 2017 icecoldjazz

Hatebear Whiz probably beats this 95% of the time with a competent pilot.

Seriously, there's almost no way to stay ahead of the runner if they just trash everything, especially CSM. All of your econ gets trashed too, and a single siphon turns off all of your ice.

27 Jan 2017 evilgaz

Dumbles or other Whizz with 2x Emp Strike, 2x Slums or similar eats this deck up regrettably.

With only 8 ICE, getting three servers covered is hard, and in the meantime your assets disappear. With entirely asset-driven econ, if you can't get these to stick, you have no money.

No Shock or Snare leads to Medium runs with impunity, and Sifr + Parasite or decent breaker invalidates what little ICE there is pretty readily.

Unless the economy engine is up, rezzing Hostile is painful to rez, and dealt with relatively easily by rich runners.

Cash-rich runners with Slums and / or Emp Strike really destroy this build unfortunately. The strength of RP is in click compression and forcing the runner to face check central ICE - there isn't enough ICE to cover centrals early (or punishment in the deck to hurt digging), so assets can be kept in check - and at that point the game is over.

I guess it does well against Shaper decks?

Sorry to be negative, but realistically, this deck folds to good Whizzard or other aggressive Anarch.

28 Jan 2017 ism

Key points: "Bio-ethics Association is a card." Please don't remind us.

30 Jan 2017 AkAnderson

Not that this will happen every time, but....

just saying.

2 Feb 2017 Chris_Yang

Does Genetics Pavilion worth a spot in this deck?

16 Feb 2017 Omadon

@Chris_Yang I was thinking just that - I'd probably recommend swapping the Fumiko out for a Pavilion. However I've not properly played this yet and while on paper she strikes me as lackluster in this deck I am fully open to being proven wrong. Also - on a separate note. You have no idea how jealous I am that you've found space for News Now. I mostly play IG myself and now that there are two separate popular currents that make it roll over and show its belly it would be a godsend. Roll on Obokata Protocol I say. Who the fuck let that thing go to print?