No Mr Scammer, I Expect You To Die (4-1 @ York SC)

swearyprincess 134

Came 6th at York using this fairly standard Mwanza PE deck, with a couple of tweaks. Dropped the usual Punitives because at Derby I didn't use them once, and still went 4-2 - MCA Informant is the replacement because Film Critic makes this deck very sad and I couldn't find the influence for two copies of Under The Bus

So, how does this deck play? Put it this way, I'm currently 10-3 with it overall and I haven't yet scored out with it. Slap a Mwanza on R&D, make a remote that taxes cards and wait for them to die via one of the many many ways to get hurt this deck is packing. If you're against 419, wait for them to make a run and kill them with the 1-2 punch of Psychic Field and Neural EMP. If they don't run then score with Shipment, if they don't expose just put down naked agendas and eventually they have to start checking! And then they die.


R1 vs 419

Pretty standard Murder, I think via a Snare...?

R2 vs Hayley

No Film Critic, so Murder.

R3 vs 419

Quite a fun game... well, for me. Wasn't taking any bait, and was staying away from R&D - seemed to be planning to scoop a Obo from my remote spoiling my plan to Psychic Field/Neural him... so I dropped a Chronos in there. He played Falsified Credentials to reveal it, and decided not to bother. Hmm. Single advance, take two creds. Still didn't take the bait, so I dropped the Psychic Field, won the psi-game and then scored the Chronos to make the kill.

R4 + 5

IDed so I could have a nap in the corridor. Hey, I only had four hours sleep the night before and this looked like a late one (it was - I got home at 2am. Those IDs probably saved my life!)

This left me in 4th, facing rotage in the cut but with my choice to run or corp. Apoc Val vs this, or Outfit vs Hayley? Obviously, I took the kill option.

Cut Game 1 vs Apoc Val

I lost a lot of 1 point agendas, scored a few myself leaving him basically wanting an Obo to win. Thankfully he missed the two I had in a three card hand when he had 4 cards, but I chipped away at his life with House of Knives and Neurals - plus I think at one point baiting him into running through Kakugo hitting a Breached Dome? - until I could score the Obo in peace (incidentally killing him, because it took me to only 6 points and he'd got no cards left)

Lost my next cut game as Hayley, putting me in the loser bracket.

Cut Game 2 vs 419

Nice fun game, but couldn't get the finishing blow in. Very much regretted the missing 3rd Snare! Kudos to Andrew, he was the only person to beat this deck all day. Even risked using 4 Turning Wheel counters on a Mwanza'd R&D, definitely the bravest play I saw all day.

What would I swap?

  1. Shi.Kyu for another Breached Dome

  2. A single Crysalis for an extra Snare! because ICE is not what this deck is about.

  3. Anansi for a Chiyashi, maybe? It aides the mill against Turtle decks, is a hard ETR and I usually had the cash free to rez. I dunno, I'll give it a try.

Standout cards, you might have been tempted to cut, but shouldn't:

  1. Crisium Grid - keeps Shipment From Tennin switched on, and stops DooF from stealing your hard Mwanza'd money.

  2. Ancestral Imager - it didn't do damage often, but when it did it was hilarious. And what would you swap it for? Gila Hands? Maybe... but AI is better. Money isn't usually a problem and it's great when people realise they really don't want to access all of R&D after all.

  3. MCA Informant - sure, not every Shaper is hanging out with Film Critics but when they are you want this early. It's also rarely a dead card because everyone and their mum have Connections in their deck.

  4. Biotic Labour - sure it's a lot of influence and you don't usually want to score but it's useful for clearing Employee Strike when they've been making runs - or killing a runner with no cards if you can't find a Neural! Plus Biotic-Neural-Neural-Archived-Neural is a move they won't see coming.

Thank you for coming to my TED Talk on Making Runners Die.

13 Mar 2019 shanodin

Nice to see PE still cutting the mustard :) well played.

15 Mar 2019 NtscapeNavigator

Very similar to the PE deck I Punitive? I found Punitive to be crazy after an obo steal or deep Mwzanza dig, but I digress.

Going forward, I'd replace imagers with Sting! And maybe a complete image for some funny meme value.

18 Mar 2019 swearyprincess

I pretty much never found myself in a position to Punitive where Neural EMP didn't do the job equally well - but Film Critic absolutely hoses the deck. And yes, I will be replacing the CI with Sting! :D