The Truth is Out There

sirris 616

This list created by @aandries went 4-1 to win the Guild House Store Champ in LA on 2-26-2017. alt text

Round 1: Faced @raphaeln on Jemmison. He was able to score an Atlas and a False Lead, but I eventually got the Truth up, and kept the remote clear of Oberth while I sniped my way to 7.

Round 2: Faced Sam's Potential Unleashed. Damage is a little worrying but I set up econ and trashed every single bio-ethics he played out, making sure to stay up on cards. I played breakers out of hand so he couldn't use Ark Lockdown on them, although he did get rid of 2 parasites. After I stole a Fetal out of hand and had kept the board locked down for awhile, I checked archives. There was only 1 shock, but there was a Philotic and a Future Perfect for the game.

Round 3: Faced @inniscor on CTM. He played Targeted Marketing and jammed hard behind a News Hound when I had no blackmail or breakers. The early Astro score put on the pressure and eventually I spent too much and he Hard-Hitting News'd me. He was able to EoI for the win after that.

Round 4: @tmoiynmwg and I ID and get Dinner. Easiest round all day.

Cut 2: I faced @crfluency on NEH Asset spam. Put down Neve Agent early and made sure to keep the board clear of sensies (ok I messed up 1 turn and let her fire one) and san-sans. This leads to most of the agendas coming to me via HQ or R&D eventually.

Grand Finals: After a crushing defeat of my NEH by @tmoiynmwg I have to face his HB, a prospect I am not excited by. I have a guess as to what I'm up against, thanks to working on something similar with @aandries (man that guy just makes all the good decks doesn't he?). A bunch of snares and a bunch of jacksons and a bunch of preemptive actions. He tests me early with the remote and I have the blackmail to get a Vitruvius, but he's able to push the next one out, and trick me into running a never advacned snare. I trahsed an Overwriter earlier, so when he instal double advances in the remote, I have a tough choice to make. I ended up going for it and it turns out to be a CST which he needed for econ. He's able to score a CST a bit after but I'm at 6 points and I am able to find the win off R&D before he can drag me though his death remote anymore.

All credit to @aandries for most of the list. I really just took his 2 best Val lists and jammed them together, but the end result was pretty fun. If the whole world wasn't on asset spam I'd cut a Slums and a Rumor mill for extra breakers so you see them earlier. Find the Truth is great, you can ignore R&D early and worry about controlling the board and pressuring HQ, then late game you can get easy snipes off R&D for the win.