The Null Hypothesis

lightburied 30

Based off of Null Runs O'Plenty. I took that base deck, made it almost rotation-proof, and tweaked it to my personal tastes a bit.

My main deck in Jnet casual ATM. Its done fairly well. I'm not keeping stats, but I'd guess its got a winning record.

Basic Idea:

Run servers. Get money. You've got stuff to boost Yog.0 if you're worried about Lotus Field. You can wreck most of the nastiest ice with Sifr and your breakers, and if you've already used Sifr, Null can help you out.


Mimic is still Mimic, Yog is still Yog, Medium and Datasucker are great, and Parasite will make mincemeat out of almost anything. Nfr is a personal choice, since I run into a bunch of low strength barriers. Paperclip is probably a better breaker, but this is my personal preference. If your meta demands it, slot Paperclip. Black Orchestra is there as support more than a full breaker. I find it more expensive than its worth for some ICE, but its nice to have it recur itself.


Sifr and Net-Ready Eyes. That's it. NRE actually does a lot of work when its in there.


Temüjin Contract, Sure Gamble, Dirty Laundry, Daily Casts, and Day Job for if you're in a pinch

Other Events:

Rumor Mill pulls its weight. I've Had Worse will let you live, draw, or make installing NRE less of a problem. Déjà Vu will pull back stuff you miss. Spoon or Fork a troublesome ICE. Injection Attack proves to be a nice one-of. Making an Entrance can filter your draws if you need it, and I can testify that it is so satisfying to win via Quest Completed. However, these are relatively flexible slots. If you need a different event, feel free to replace them.


Aaron Marrón is fantastic. He's a two-of. Bhagat provides HQ pressure, Ice Carver takes some pressure off your breakers, and Salsette Slums will kill that troublesome asset or upgrade for good. The Archivist is a new addition, and one i'm not always sure about. Even a bit of link is good these days, and bad pub is always good, but he's a flex slot if push comes to shove.


Strong deck. Maybe tier 1.5? There's some flexibility here, but the core is really strong. I'm quite happy with the tweaks I made.

To corps everywhere: Reject This

16 Mar 2017 heppu

I'd be worried about the lack of card draw. You've got Marron, yes, but if you don't find the tools to steal agendas and the Corp doesn't score early (or scores before you find A-Aron), you could be in a tough spot. I get that the slots can be tight, but personally I value consistency over utility. Not saying that 'I know better' or anything like that, but its just the feeling I get. Based on that I'd think about these changes:


  • Quest Completed. Seems out of place here. If you have trouble getting into remotes, running all 3 central servers probably isn't much easier.

  • Making an Entrance. Its not a bad card, but wouldn't you rather be drawing the cards than just looking at them. Even if they aren't what you need right now, you can use them for Nulls ability.

  • Injection Attack. A bit of an anecdotal argument, but I tried this in Null even before Sifr came out and never needed it. I'd wager its not necessary now either. upgrades, high strength sentries or if you really need the HQ pressure).

  • The Archivist. Link and bad pub might be nice, but neither of them fits the game plan.


  • I've Had Worse
  • 3 Street Peddlers. Allow instant Parasites in some cases and cheapens anything you install off of it. Along with this change I'd also consider switching the Nfrs to Paperclips, since you can trash them from a Street Peddler, installing something else and then getting them back from the heap.

If you can spare some more slots, such as the Forked, Day Job or a single Rumor Mill, I'd add an Inject or two, or an Earthrise Hotel.