Kyle Was Right (Seattle Cache Refresh 1st Place)

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podoboyz99 2343

This runner deck is a lot less spicy than my corp, some pretty regular stuff here. Kyle (@bluebird503) told me to play crime in the cache refresh tournament and turns out it was pretty good. I won a couple games with it at least.

A lot of people asked me about the ID choice, and its either Los or Steve, Gabe just doesn't give you the pure value that you need in the format. All you need to do to win with this deck is to click to draw a lot and get lots of money later. When your options run low, Mobius is surprisingly better than expected. Turn one its a Laundry with upside on an un-iced RnD and later it boosts your medium digs. You can switch the breakers to be whatever you want, but the core is really solid. I expect this style of deck out of Los or Steve and a anarch deck of some sort with fixed breakers to be the bread and butter of the format.

Thanks to Kyle for telling me what to play, unfortunate he didn't get a chance to play cache refresh because he just kept winning games in the cut. You can find my corp deck that he didn't have confidence in here.

22 May 2017 bluebird503

I do want to try my decks but my corp is really inferior so yeah :(

23 May 2017 bracketbot

Why are you only running one Desperado? That doesn't seem right to me.

24 May 2017 podoboyz99

@bracketbot With the cache refresh format you are only allowed one core set

24 May 2017 bracketbot

Oh, I see. Sorry