Bendy MaxX (3rd at Reading SC 43 players)

Shmeguy 1589

Why is it Bendy MaxX?

cos it has data folding..

Continuing my tradition of terrible deck names, this is my latest version of a reg MaxX build except its a lot less reg now. The idea was to have a MaxX deck with a much stronger late game and control plan rather than an event based build that aims to win as fast as possible.

Went 5-1 losing only to Laurie on Skorp in the cut however it did beat a skorp in swiss. Other good results from Knails who won a UK SC with it, and skry who came second at the NY SC.

I think the 2nd levy is the biggest point of contention, where it is not played in 90% of games, however with injects and peddlers you aim to burn through the stack super quick (i saw 17 cards in one turn during my streamed game). Maybe going forwards it could be a Beth as she is another good piece of drip economy and means you dont have to find slots for low inf cards. Open to suggestions on this one if you have ideas.

8 Jan 2018 yeoda

Bennnnddddyyyyy. 2nd levy is always a contention... until you run into people playing skorp. But who plays skorp anyways? ;)

8 Jan 2018 TugtetguT

<3 MaxX - Skorp is for doofuses.

8 Jan 2018 Dapperatchik

Awesome deck.

What's the plan vs MoonCI?

Also why only one Stimhack?

8 Jan 2018 Dapperatchik

What's the plan vs MoonCI?

Also why only one Stimhack?

11 Jan 2018 Basoon

3 Street Peddler and 18 events? That's brave. I run 14 and that definitely feels like it's already pushing the envelope. I feel like you can easily lose both your Levy's that way (or just some other event that you wished you could play). You're also not running clot, the main reason I opt to peddle rather than inject. Maybe try IHW instead?

11 Jan 2018 Basoon

Also, that event count is 14/47 as opposed to 18/45 since I'm only a minimum deck sized purist when it comes to non-Maxx runners. So that seems even more chancy. Congrats on the finish though. I wish we had 43 player SC over here.

14 Jan 2018 Shmeguy

@Basoon Thanks! To be fair that number is surprisingly high even for the UK

Peddler with 18 events is not ‘brave’, in fact a lot of whizzard lists in the past year have ran 15-18 events and it was fairly normal and not ridky enough stop you playing an amazing card like street peddler.

17 Jan 2018 Basoon

Yeah, but those decks didn't fully rely on Levy to have a late game. Even trapping just one can be bad against a really grindy deck like CTM or if you're playing against one the decks packing Ark Lockdown. And Levy is just the worst one to trap. Trapping any event is bad. The only game I lost at worlds with my Maxx list was against D2D because my turn 2 peddler trapped 2 of my 3 Hacktivists.

Maybe it's just my recent experiences with the deck that make me more risk adverse, but having 3-4 more events does make that kind of thing quite a bit more likely.

17 Jan 2018 AkAnderson

You're also MaxX, so you're losing events either way. Might as well go full nutso and throw them all away.

17 Jan 2018 AkAnderson

You're also MaxX, so you're losing events anyway. Might as well go full nutso and trash them all.

17 Jan 2018 Shmeguy

I dont understand “you can easily lose both your levy’s” this has never happened and is statistically very unlikely. Especially with 3 same old thing, you can always levy and there is nothing to be scared of.

21 Jan 2018 yeoda

Tuck another SC under this list. ATL Gigabites Cafe - Marietta.

Number of Players: 14 (tiny) Number of Swiss rounds: 5 Number of Skorpios today: 2 Number of Skorpios I played: 2 >:( Number of Skorpios I beat: 1 Number of Wins with MaxX: 6 Number of time Peddler got all events: 1 (Gamble, Legwork, DDM) Number of times Levy was on Peddler: 0 Number of times both levy ended up on a Peddler(s): 0 Number of Store champs this has won so far: 3 Number of games/events I'd take this to in the future: Too many to count.

Congrat to u to DC. I wanna take it next week... but Juijitsu lol

24 Jan 2018 Tomasaki

Damn, this list fine as hell.