Comrades Val (1st Games&Stuff SC, 4-0)

thebigunit3000 2307

Comrades Star

Comrades Val is still really good. I came in expecting a lot of Obokata decks, with a side helping of QPMs and Punitive, so I knew I still wanted to be on this instead of, say, Seamus' Val with EStrikes. Jargo Mercs got cut because the one person in our meta that plays Rewiring CI had already won an SC recently and I knew he would be moving to fairer pastures.

Only cuttable card here is probably Bhagat -- maybe adding a Same Old Thing, 3rd Stimhack, or 2nd Mad Dash would be good.

I played two games with this on CodeMarvelous' stream here (3rd round Swiss, and once in the cut):