Cambridge in Cambridge (Cambridge Terminal Directive Event)

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Cuacuani 76

Corp Deck for Cambridge Terminal Directive Event. Build rules were 1 Core Set + 1 Terminal Directive, only IDs from Terminal Directive were allowed. Runner decks didn't have to have 3 copies of Delgardo. We didn't follow the MWL (although I didn't realise this until too late, so my decks both are MWL-legal). We then played 3 rounds of Swiss, but had the little Objective cards.

I went for Steve because the event was in Cambridge and his last name is Cambridge (as did pretty much everyone else). Whilst I came 4th overall, this deck went 1-2, so I can't really recommend picking decks based on location-based solidarity. I played against 3 Seidr, all of which were making loads of money from Adonis and Marilyn Campaigns before using Biotic Labor and Elective Upgrade to score out.

Some quick card notes:

Ninja breaks Rototurret for two credits, but everything else costs loads. I didn't want to go all-in on Mimic, Yog.0 Parasite and Datasucker, but I think a lot of other people were. Those people were probably right.

Corroder isn't amazing against Eli 2.0, which was seeing heavy play. I had a lot of trouble with servers that had Ichi into Eli.

...However Spear Phishing and Inside Job helped out with this, especially early game.

Forged Activation Orders did a lot of work for me. I was mostly using it early, when the Corp was poor, to trash single ICE and then run open servers.

Steve's ability is really good fun. I enjoyed giving my opponents choices (would you like me to have an Inside Job or a Special Order?) but most of the time I was getting either Sure Gamble or Process Automation, because people didn't seem to mind me having money, so long as they weren't giving me things to do with said money.

Process Automation was really handy. Two credits and a card for a is alright (in the context of this card pool).

Seeing as I only played against Seidr, I didn't really use Sacrificial Construct, Crash Space or Biometric Spoofing. I installed a Sacrificial Construct once, but never used it.

I didn't managed to achieve much in the way of the Runner objectives - I think I stole one Evidence Collection, trashed a few cards and never took Brain Damage.

30 May 2017 straygeologist

Why Ninja over Lustig?

30 May 2017 Cuacuani

Ninja's 1 cheaper to install and I didn't think I'd use the ability on Lustig. While Lustig is 1 strength, with only Core and Terminal Directive and then only HB, Weyland and Neutral, the only ICE that Lustig breaks cheaper are Shadow and Archer. I thought most people would play H-B with agendas they'd not want to forfeit and so Archer would only see play in Weyland decks. Shadow I figured most people would ignore.