Seamusmodernism, Barcelona Edition (1st at B·Com 2019)

CaptainMark 181

So, publishing for alwaysberunning reasons, but I guess I can tell a couple of things about it.

First of all, as you all know this is 100% @Seamus deck, as far as I know. He sent me the list, discussed about if should we play Best Defense instead of Fast Track, then, middle tournament, discussed how that change could had won us at least one of the games. I'll probably test it next tournaments.

Regarding the tournament, nothing very remarkable here, I started cold splitting against Luca, a very nice italian guy who told me he was just playing for months (New players, yay!). He set up very fast the crowdfundings and it was a credit party for him. Swept against Vesper, split again against the undefeated in swiss Hayley from @ayyliens posted here, another split against @Seamus (with a kill out of luck, making 2 damage out of 3 cards without taking the I've Had Worse), and Swept against Pablo, from Mallorca, who was playing his always-weird decks that are such a pain in the ass if you don't manage to learn what he's trying to do (Vegan Blue Sun and Maxx with District 99).

Then we go party. Then the party lasts until 6. Then I wake up on 9 or something. Then the magic begins :).

Had very good games on top beating a hell of a PE (well played, Anna, well played), then the next are recorded and will be published at some point, vs the same hayley (ditched all the kill cards first turn) and vs @slowriffs Leela, which as he says, was out of a great start.

Then the hours waiting. A lot of them. Magic was lost.

When I finally play again, is vs a hell of a MTI that is much more difficult to play against without breakers. Obviously I lose the game. And the final didn't look good, as Leela found very early the fracter against my all barriers starting hand. I would probably lost that game in any normal conditions, but then, this is a final and of course mistakes happen.

Overall I'm obviously very happy because I won, but a lot of mistakes were done all the day, probably because I don't play as much as I should (so, I don't play AT ALL), and the final gave me that bittersweet feeling of "ok, you've won, but you don't deserve it as much as you should". @Slowriffs really deserved it, don't know if more than me, but he was so solid all the tournament.

I want to give the best of thanks to everyone who came for a hell of a weekend. Not only the tournament, but the afters and the befores were so cool and so good that rounds it to a perfect weekend.

And very, very special thanks to the people who made it possible and counted on me to cooperate and help during the tournament. Ivan, Cesar, and specially Mar and Michal, I'll be forever grateful for meeting you.

Thanks for reading this, and hope B·Com 3 next year will be bigger and better! (already working on it :) )

24 Jan 2019 vesper

A good write up of a memorable weekend :-) Well played and congratulations! B-Com 3: Barcelona Drift will be coming everyone's way in 2020 for sure!

24 Jan 2019 ayyyliens

I will never forget the archives Archer, Well played!

24 Jan 2019 CaptainMark

Nice way to stop crowdfunding, uh? :)

24 Jan 2019 Slowriffs

Congrats, and thanks for the praise! :D. I agree completely on Best Defense by the way. On the tournaments where I played Argus that card was very good for me, destroying multiple Dorm Computers that would've otherwise destroyed me.

25 Jan 2019 Lukenukem

Congratulations on the win!

Was a great weekend! Looking forwad to coming back for B-Com 3.