Re-evaluating Life Choices - 3-1 (5'th After Swiss) Detroit

pmavers 18

You know what's a amazing feeling? Getting a bunch of money fast via bad publicity. You know what's a terrible feeling? The runner accumulating a bunch of credits by not having to actually spend their real credits when running servers. Hmm... if only there was a way to get rid of bad publicity.... AND get paid to do it. Enter Roughneck Repair Squad. It's pretty nice, but hard to defend on it's own. But... what if we made a prickly server filled with Prisecs and Overseer Matrixes? No one would want to touch it. Or if they did, it'd be a terrible time for them.

And what if we stuck False Flags in that server as well for even more tags? Or to just score the False Flags to get the game to close out. That'd be nice.

Bunch of fun games. A little annoyed that I actually forgot how many credits High-Profile Target required and missed a kill shot on that game I lost. But hey, it happens.

20 Aug 2019 tvaduva

That was a very close game! Well played. This is a very tough deck.