AzWall-e (3-0, CT GNK)

dar00ma 24

This deck is dumb. There is no reason why Haas-Bioroid: Engineering the Future should be dead when this ID exists. (Maybe a slight exaggeration).

This deck ended up going 3-0 at my local GNK.

Round 1: Kabonesa Wu: Netspace Thrillseeker- Things get dicey when you draw 4 of your 6 agendas in the first 15 cards you see. You sweat and your pupils dilate when you draw for the first 3 turns while your servers are being pounded, unable to find a second ice in the first 10 cards of your deck. A lone Gold Farmer saved the 2 Bellonas and SSL Endorsements in HQ until I pitched an SSL (only for both to get snagged by the runner early on. The runner at 6 points by turn 4 had me thinking of a specific cartoon dog in a burning room, though I ended up with nearly 30 credits from sweet, sweet SSL money. Wu ended up taking a long time to set up after the brutal early game, and I got in position to score behind a double Border Control, big Surveyor server. Eventually I scored 3 agendas out, and Wu wasn't able to find a killer or enough money to bust through.

Round 2: Smoke- A lucky hand of Gold Farmers and IP Blocks were able to shut Smoke out of all servers, and I was quickly able to build a big remote behind a Endless EULA, Border Control and an Enigma and get the classic 2 agenda, Echo Chamber win.

Round 3: Eddie Kim- Stimhack is one hell of a card. Stimhack pressure to bust through Surveyors and my poor, poor Gold Farmers made HQ sad for a while, forcing me to plug up HQ with a single, lowly Border Control. This was surprisingly effective when the runner had no credit positive way to break into HQ and trash things to get their Consume /Friday Chip engine started. Bellona was an MVP here-- being accessed 4-5 times by the runner with just under 5 creds every time. After building a scoring remote and scoring SSL Endorsement to jump-start my economy mixed in with some generous donations to Azmari Education via I've Had Worse, I was able to score out 9 points relatively safely with the runner at 0.

So this deck is general 6 agenda/Echo Chamber goodstuff yellow. When Bellona was spoiled, I knew it would be an immediate include over Degree Mill, due to the super taxing nature of the ice. 3 copies of Endless EULA make it incredibly difficult for pesky runners to steal, especially with the addition of the (seriously) busted Gold Farmer. I'd immediately swapped out Slot Machine for these, due to them being less porous, and such a slog to get through. They're like mini EULAs. Except more like 2/3rds of a EULA because with any normal breaker (outside of GS Sherman M3 and Dai V) it will always cost at LEAST 4 creds. (good riddance , Laamb). Navi Mumbai City Grid is and has been here since the beginning of my iterations since placing 17th at Magnum Opus with two in my MTI deck. It tends to stop shapers cold, and now with people being reliant on Pelangi for tech and Armand "Geist" Walker: Tech Lord making a big comeback, I decided to try out a speculative Jua, though I never saw it.

Thank you to everyone who came, and Always Be Running!

31 Jan 2020 disperse

This agenda suite is brutal, scoring them out is credit neutral or better and stealing half of them costs more than a NAPD Contract. There's a reason why that agenda was in every deck for a while. Well played and glad to have you in our local meta!