I Wish I Knew About DaVinci

scd 190

My Runner deck at Worlds. Only won 1 game all day, leaving me at 136th. Only posting here so I can claim my spot on ABR. I wish I'd known about DaVinci.

7 Nov 2017 gozik

Why do you need DaVinci? Have you known that you can install clot from hand with Kaplan trigger after SMCing something else?

7 Nov 2017 scd

Check out the top Hayleys, which were running DaVinci. Needed to dump out SacCons to disrupt the Brain Rewiring Combo. I died to one Rewiring combo that would have been avoided had I had that tech.

7 Nov 2017 Manticore

DaVinci is also 1 to install, meaning you can let it ride on the table safe from Best Defense, unlike Sac Con and SMC.

7 Nov 2017 kevintame

I had one DaVinci in my Hayley deck and I placed lower than you. I didn't face a rewiring deck all day and was sad because I really wanted to stuff their combo. :)