Yeah the girls (8-1 at Worlds, 30th)

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I had a great time at Worlds, and even made the top 32. I was stunned.

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Let's talk about decks

I don’t have a lot of time to play Netrunner since becoming a parent. So instead I have to rely on Netrunner fundamentals, good advice, and having too many clicks for your opponent to deal with. This year I have felt confident playing NBN lists, and plenty of quality runners struggle against horizontal play. I loved MrStyx’s Epiphany Analytica writeup and noted the success of the Game Loss Simulator at US nats. TableCarnage and NWE's cinnamon-scented concoction are both better than this list, but I was really happy to take a deck of my own to such a high placing at Worlds.

Let’s talk about win-cons

The deck has a lot (too many, perhaps). If memory serves I won 3 with Lady Liberty, 2 (TWO!) kills with Endless EULA via Tsakhia "Bankhar" Gantulga, 2 via SanSan City Grid and a single kill with End of the Line.

Let’s hear it for the girls

  • NBN's sec teams are almost certainly an equal opportunity employer.

  • The Goddess of War performed admirably all weekend, causing many runners to cast their eyes from RnD to their credit pool, sigh, and say 'that stays there'.

  • The 2 Oracles should be a Beale but they activate Amani and give runners more tags than they plan for. Also I am confident the art depicts the 🎬2022 Tomorrowland stage.

  • Ida B. Wells ran a newspaper on Beale Street, Memphis.

  • Tomorrow's Headline — More like Tomorrow's deadline amirite

  • Amani Senai — Discerning corporations hire her thrice.

  • Daily Business Show — somehow this is not yet a podcast on the Mama Mia network.

  • Lady Liberty — I had three victories because of Lady Liberty, including a glorious 1-2-3.

  • Marilyn Campaign — remains the hardest working woman in Netrunner.

  • Rashida Jaheem is BAE, but you knew that already.

  • The thirteenth Doctor.

  • Wage Workers — Athleisure wear is this season’s must-have outfit. 2x is more than 1x (but less than the 3x that NWE found room for).

  • Market Forces — Do yourself a favour and read Invisible Women by Caroline Criado Perez.

  • Oppo is fun to say and fun to play. I mostly played 'petit oppos' during the tournament but there were non-zero 'grand oppos'.

  • Endless EULA — Well, everyone knows Oola died at Jabba’s palace. What this ICE presupposes is... maybe she didn't.

  • Ping is the name that Mulan takes on in the eponymous Disney film.

  • Remember the power of politely telling people to get lost.

  • The deck's single sentry has been told one too many times that she would be prettier if she smiled more.

Notable absences: my deck at Australian Nationals x Best Coast had 1 Malia Z0L0K4 and 1 Vera Ivanovna Shuyskaya. Each had their cute moments at that tournament, but they had to make way for a more consistent team.

Shout outs

First of all, props to my partner Priya for cheering on my Netrunner 'career' over the past 8 years.

@PrincessSpaceKitten led the charge to Barcelona like an absolute BOSS. It was great to meet you in person at long last!

@Ed for the amazing planning, crowd care and good humour throughout the week.

@YsengrinSC, @Havvy and the Organized Play team for running such an amazing event. It is a pleasure to work with you all.

Commentating Friday's Crown of Lasers tournament with @GuyPatching and @Aksu was great fun, but only possible because of the amazing work of @Locks, @not_yeti and others pulling the stream production together.

Team Australia aka Extremely Serious Total Netrunner were a pleasure to travel with. NON HIC SUMUS UT ARANEAS FUTUITIS

My opponents: There would have been no tournament without everyone who turned up to the event with opaque sleeves, clear eyes, and strong hearts. Special shoutout to @Odol's true sportsmanship and friendly play--congratulations on your amazing result!

And you: thanks for reading this! If you have made it this far please give the list a ❤️ or ⭐.

6 Nov 2023 ThePatrician

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