tableCarnage - 2nd at Worlds 2023

cableCarnage 2597

Kill NEH; the evolution of rongydoge's cascadia deck.

how it works

Spam remotes maximising uncertainty for the runner. Eventually give them enough tags to flatline through a combination of End of the Line, Reaper Function and Mindscaping. The actual winning combo is highly dependent on gamestate and therefore left as an exercise for the reader

False Lead + Oppo Boppo is a very mean combo to ensure the runner is tagged enough to land the kill.


In the run up to worlds, Snare Bears + Process quickly identified the potency of the False Lead + Oppo combo. False Lead reactions

We were trying to work out where it works best until DeeR managed to make the cuts to fit it into rongydoge's NEH.

card choices

Ice is bad, ambushes are good. Play as little ICE as possible, full set of Behold!, some Chekist Scions too. Unsmiling Tsarevna is kind of an ambush and felt like the strongest ice over the weekend. And should totally be included for Queen Bee.

2 hedge, 2 ydl. The amount of econ cards is what matters. Maximising information entropy is the vibe for this deck.

2 Attitude Adjustments to clear any doubt about what type of deck this is.

Only 1 SIU because runners are very rich and False Lead gives us other avenues to make sure they end up tagged.


How do I beat this?


How does it beat EsΓ’ with Marrow?

Just score out, dummy!

What is the biggest challenge?

Avoiding tableCarnage.

Why aren't you playing DBS?

Game loss speedrun.

Why aren't you playing Balanced Coverage?

Because I will accidentally install an Oppo.

What is the record for the deck?

7-1. DeeR (6th), rongydoge (8th) and theo (39th) played similar lists to this; going 7-1, 8-0 and 6-2 respectively giving False Lead NEH an overall 28-4 result.

Can I see it in practice?

You can watch the one loss here.


psk, ysengrin, havvy, tol, radiant, labbes, herbart, ed, orbital, aksu, guy, vesper and all the other judges and staff members: you hosted an incredible event and all the hard work you gave really showed.

Ian, Dee, Theo, Cat, Patrick and Don: For being there throughout pretty much all of my journey this World's.

Snare Bears and Process: All the deckbuilding and test games really paid off. I would be nowhere near where I am now without you all.

lostgeek: I'm so glad the SBT grudge match was on Friday.

jackmade: your crim play is inspirational

kanel: I will find you!

NWE: lots of love

jan tuno: fuck covid! We owe each other a match.

mondegreensleeves: top tier hugs

crowphie: may the ankylosaurus give you luck

qtm: mulchmulchmulch

cahuita and gegenzeit: finally 419 is not best crim!

anarcho, extrac, vale and pigeons: always a pleasure to see you. Looking forward to uk nats.

sokka: How are you so good at this game? Well deserved 1st place and thanks for giving this deck the best game I have ever played.

The King: Long Live!

Odol: for an incredible loser's final

baa ram wu: for the vote of confidence with actual cash

koga: jaguars are gr8

longi: hope to see you on crim again

Unband: How are you so good at this game?

Muntal Bost: we barely had time to interact; hope we see each other again.

Jason: smooth flights

Sanjay: for running Queen Bee and being an all-round excellent person

jaypumpkin: I might need one of those Death shirts

Matuszczak: hope you can boulder again soon

sebastiank: your decks are wild and fun

tanzzen: for highlighting the importance of killers vs Jinteki

baltar: I'm sorry you were the one that made me realise that Sable was correct with click 4 Ikawahs

awildturtok: I thought the violin plots were very nice

rubenpieters: lovely meal and chat

London netrunners: for bearing with my tryhard tendencies

UK netrunners: I need to go to more COs and see more of you

mrteatime66: for getting me into this wonderful game and community

Everyone I played, talked to and hung out with at the tournament: you are all incredible


19 Oct 2023 crowphie

banger fucking list

19 Oct 2023 rongydoge

dan piloted the best game of NEH i've ever seen in round 7 against Sokka - it was a privilege to watch him find that win

19 Oct 2023 jan tuno

it's been a pleasure playing so much netrunner with you this year and learning so much from it. hope we get to do it at worlds next time <3

19 Oct 2023 Diogene

Why not go completely iceless? Congratulation of making it to second place. I saw your last game and it was EPIC!

19 Oct 2023 bowlsley

the real champion, no further questions

19 Oct 2023 Sokka


19 Oct 2023 Sokka

I’m gonna do a full game analysis on my YouTube of that Hoshiko vs NEH game we had in the cut. So many things went on that game.

You’re an amazing player and it was an absolute pleasure to play against you in FOUR GAMES out of the 9 games I played on Sunday. Huge respect πŸ’šπŸ§‘

19 Oct 2023 Bridgeman

Big respect cable, unfortunately didnt catch many of your games, but very sportsmanlike final and well played! Congrats on a great result!

How are we so good? Philosophers will probably be asking this for aeons to come πŸ˜‚ Mb it is that we practice like madmen πŸ˜„

19 Oct 2023 Labbes

cant wait to watch the cut games! all the spectators were super excited but I couldnt see anything haha

19 Oct 2023 Reverse

"Because I will accidentally install an Oppo."

I literally laughed out loud, quality comment! πŸ‘Œ

19 Oct 2023 JackMade

thanks for the compliment! the writeup is unusually refreshing!

20 Oct 2023 BinkBonkle

20 Oct 2023 BinkBonkle

Congrats on the finish; looking forward to watching the cut!

20 Oct 2023 Diogene

Why is there no Balanced Coverage? Considering all the Federal Fundraising.

20 Oct 2023 cableCarnage

@Diogene I have given my reason in the write up :)

On a less memey note, I have 4 reasons for not playing Balanced Coverage

  1. It gives a lot of information for the runner. It is the opposite of what we want in a deck full of ambushes.
  2. It is not reliable econ. Balanced Coverage really wants to be running in multiples or with Federal Fundraising.
  3. It is a fiddly start of turn trigger. This deck is already complex to play with several tricky triggers. I don't want to add more mechanical complexity for a middling econ card.
  4. The art is similar to Oppo Research. After a long day of netrunner, I don't want a game loss by installing an Oppo Research or trying to tag with Balanced Coverage.
20 Oct 2023 JackMade

One more thing that i just have to mention: Our top cut game doesn't let me go. False lead is a hell of a card that messed with my mind after two long days of netrunner. Well played and congrats on your superb result!

20 Oct 2023 cableCarnage

@JackMade Our game was the toughest for my corp all tournament. You played with such ease and control.

21 Oct 2023 koga

It was a pleasure finally meeting you in the flesh, congrats on the great placement!

Jaguars are love

21 Oct 2023 spags

I’m so glad yellow asset spam kill still a thing. Grats!

21 Oct 2023 Longi

Great showing, mate! Also love the writeup and the shoutouts.