Smoke n' Dagger

SubTric 431

This is a deck I've been using a lot recently both online and on table top. Original deck inspiration came from @CodeMarvelous's Infinity Gauntlet deck... but without the gauntlet!

In most ways this is text-book Smoke, but it plays fast and wins games.


I'm running 2 each of Dagger, Refractor and Paperclip as our core breakers. I went with Dagger over Switchblade due to the lower need for stealth crds to break and that in around 20 games the only time it would really have helped me was against a Tour Guide, which I only ran into once. Maybe I was lucky, and while Dagger costs you a few more credits overall, it makes the cut. I might try running 1 and 1 Dagger and Switchblade. Paperclip is just too good not to use.

Outside of breakers I am running 2x Cloak for stealth credits and 2x SMC. I know not running 3 SMC is a crime, but with a smaller deck, 2 of each breaker and some Diesel I found I was setting up just fine with 2 of them. Program 'tech' comes in the form of Clot to try and shut down fast advance and Misdirection to save you from tag hell. Wait... not Tapwrm!? No. I started with a pair but killed them off after finding that they are only played to force the corp to purge. This tempo hit is nice, but the rarely gave me much cash and more often than not it wasn't swinging the game enough for me, so they went in favour of an extra copy of breakers - I'm very happy with this move.


2 copies of Mirror and thats it. I know this has become slightly less popular and that there are many strong consoles, but the regenerating stealth credit often allows the 2nd run a turn when things are tight. it also gives us our 2 chip space to allow us 3 breakers, 2 cloaks and a clot.


Full sets of a few things for consistency. Diesel for draw. I prefer burst draw to stuff like Earthrise Hotel. Thats just a personal preference, swap around for your own personal taste. The Maker's Eye for access. I was running 2 of these and 2 Indexing originally. Indexing is so good but it's getting shut down a lot and the need for 2 runs can be tricky at times. Maker's felt more consistent so I dropped the Indexing completely. 2 copies of Interdiction because it rocks and wins you games. It's worth it just to stop Batty getting rezzed :) Econ comes from Peace in Our Time and Sure Gamble (plus Net Mercur and Daily Casts). This is the first deck where PIOT hasn't felt like a tempo hit for me, it makes sense. We set up fast and more often than not, the corp being rich isn't a huge problem for us, plus is feeds Beth Kilrain-Chang and gets us to the 5 clicks a turn point faster.


Beth Kilrain-Chang because she's amazing and spending most of the game on 5 clicks makes me happy. Daily Casts gives us some money, Ghost Runner helps fuel the breakers early on and Net Mercur because, well.... it's Smoke. I am also running a pair of SacCon to keep breakers and clot alive and Film Critic because shutting down many Jinteki plays as well as Hunter Seeker makes me very happy.

Thats it. It's fast and fairly streamlined. I hope you like it.