Euros 5-1-2 Val

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5 Jun 2018 sabre0001

Deck went 5-1-2 at Euros, losing to Titan fast advance twice. Beat CtM x2, Azmari x1 (and drew with another), and one Titan along the way. Unfortunately, my Corp deck decided to do the inverse record...

Laamb was included to act as the extra breaker cover rather than including three of each. Very useful catch-all, especially if you can land additional bad pub with Mining Accident. One of the main considerations pre-Euros was dealing with things like Tour Guide, Endless EULA, Mythic Ice, and other high strength/multi-sub ice.

Salsette Slums was a late include and was very much appreciated in the CtM matchup.

Solid and fun deck. Mainly based on the FOTM Val deck with some tweaks.