Kobe - Canadian NISEI Nationals 5th Place

CaKnuckleguy 365

This was my 5th place finishing Trash Panda build. Not much to say that hasn't been said about Trash Panda in general, so I'll just highlight a few tweaks I made. First, Wanton Destruction against most Weyland decks is beautiful. Keeps them off Audacity scores for a while, as well as taking away pieces of HHN+HPT. It's just good against most decks, but in that matchup it's great. Freedom + Imp + Knobie can keep them down, but sometimes getting HQ down to 0 or 1 in a single turn is important. I made a last minute change to Hacktivist as another disrupting card, it was important in a few matches to counter Scarcity of Resources. But, take it or leave it. It's a flavor call, not necessary. What also isn't necessary in this deck is Dirty Laundry. This deck doesn't need a tonnage of credits, and a slot that only nets 3 credits for the risk of running isn't something I'm on board with. Against a HHN+HPT deck, that 3 credit gain miiiiight lure a unwary runner into a situation where they shouldn't have ran in the first place. Against other decks, the econ gain is minor, and the deck slots are better used elsewhere. The value from Knobie + Yusif runs is enough without needing the temptation of making 'oh I just need money' runs as well. (I love running corp decks that have plenty of 'If the Runner made a successful run last turn' effects because Dirty Laundry is so often an unthinking auto-include in too many runners minds. It's a trap! Think about your runs people!)

As with my runner decks description, shout out to @bazin for an excellent tournament and everyone who made it to Edmonton!

19 Nov 2019 scd

How useful was the Knifed on the day? I'm unclear if 1x is even worth it, as I'd be inclined to go 2x or 3x and lean into the ice destruction, but then, slots.

20 Nov 2019 CaKnuckleguy

It was useful exactly once. It could honestly be Stimhack +1. But I had a moderate concern about Chiyashi and Kakugo would be around more. So...eh...? It wasn't the best/worst choice.